JESD204 ADC Reference Design

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Reference Design LogoThe LatticeECP2M provides seamless support for the JESD204 specification as it relates to high speed Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs). This standard allows front-end data acquisition to reap the benefits of a low overhead, high-speed serial link to support pure data transport.

Lattice has partnered with Linear Technology to provide a reference design using the low cost LatticeECP2M FPGA, a Lattice SERDES evaluation board, and various JESD204 compliant components from Linear Technology including a 105Msps high speed ADC. This provides designers an ideal platform for a low cost, low power and small footprint solution for FPGA based serial data acquisition and processing.


  • Lattice JESD204 Reference Design
  • Perl scripts for data export, included in the download


  • LatticeECP2M SERDES evaluation board
  • From Linear Technology you need the following:†
    • High Speed Serial ADC circuit DC1151A-A
    • High Speed ADC Clock Source 1216A-A
    • High Speed ADC Tester DC1164A
    • PScope software program build K62

Contact Linear Technology Sales for pricing and availability of the these items.

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Block Diagram


Performance and Size

Configuration Resource Utilization fMAX (MHz)2
Slices REGs EBRs
With Reveal 475 453 65 164.4
Without Reveal 132 165 0 174.9

1) For ECP2M50E-6F672C using ispLEVER v7.1. See User Guide for complete details.
2) fMAX of geared (¸2) clock.


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