Supervisor, WDT & Reset Generation with ProcessorPM

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Reference Design LogoThe ProcessorPM (ispPAC-POWR605) device is shipped from the factory preprogrammed with a design that provides three processor/DSP support functions: voltage supervision, watchdog timer, and reset generator. ProcessorPM is provided preprogrammed so that designers can take advantage of a fully functioning Power Manager design similar to that of a factory set off-the-shelf reset or supervisor IC.

This reference design has two output functions: reset generation and watchdog timer. The behavior of these two outputs is controlled by the condition of the six analog voltage monitor (VMON) inputs, two input pins, and the status of three configuration pins.


  • Six supply monitors
    • 3.3V (-5%) supply rail monitor
    • 2.5V (-5%) supply rail monitor
    • 1.8V (-5%) supply rail monitor
    • Three user-selectable voltage monitors
  • Watchdog timer with selectable settings of 500ms, 2sec, 10sec, and 1min
  • Reset generator with optional 200ms pulse-stretch
  • De-bounced manual reset input
  • Watchdog timer trigger input

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Block Diagram

Supervisor, WDT and Reset Generation with ProcessorPM Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Tested Devices* Macrocells Product Terms VMONs I/Os Timers Revision
ProcessorPM-POWR605 13 52 6 7 4 1.0

* May work in other devices as well.

Note: The performance and design sizes shown above are estimates only. The actual results may vary depending upon the chosen parameters, timing constraints, and device implementation. See the design's documentation for details. All coding and design work was done on a PC platform unless noted otherwise.


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Supervisor, WDT and Reset Generation with ProcessorPM - Source Code
RD1056 1.0 8/3/2009 ZIP 744.4 KB
Supervisor, WDT and Reset Generation with ProcessorPM - Documentation
RD1056 1.0 8/17/2009 PDF 815.7 KB

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