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Solutions for Stronger Security Are Here

Q4 2023 Security Seminar Recap Blog
Posted 02/15/2024 by Lattice Semiconductor

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Living in a digital era where we continue to see a rapidly expanding number of devices and systems integrating into every aspect of our lives, new security challenges are emerging and exposing system and application weaknesses. It is crucial for security architects, engineers, program managers, and business managers to keep pace with the latest regulations and requirements to design compliant solutions.

To support this, Lattice security experts recently sat down to discuss the security-related highlights of the Lattice Developers Conference 2023, as security was one of the key themes throughout the event from keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and technology demonstrations. In particular, datacenter security, cyber resilience, cloud computing, and PQC were major security topics discussed throughout the event.

Q4 2023 Security Seminar Recap Blog - Conference

If you missed conference and are interested in learning about the security highlights, visit here to watch the latest Lattice Security Seminar, or read on for a recap of key learnings related to the growing security ecosystem.

Key Sessions to Watch

Amongst multiple topics and discussions, the below three were key highlights related to the latest security trends and approaches:

  1. A practical and informative keynote from Meta detailing how they addressed operational challenges for their next-generation datacenter with an FPGA-based, layered security approach.
  2. A diverse security panel discussion that provided a comprehensive overview of today’s top security issues and the creative solutions from Lattice and its partners.
  3. Technology demos that explored how Lattice can help companies enhance security measures.

The State of Security Today is Shifting

In an era where digital advancements occur at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead of potential threats is paramount. Between the transition from the centralized model to a more distributed and collaborative environment, a growing attack surface, increased connectivity, the introduction of AI, and the threat of post-quantum computing, security today is incredibly complicated. Even further, there is no doubt that adversaries are getting smarter as they gain access to new tools.

Solutions for Stronger Security Are Here

With a rapidly changing security landscape, developers are eager to protect both existing systems that are already deployed and the systems that are currently in development. Ultimately, the answer lies in crypto agility – the ability to upgrade your system in real time – as well as hardware root of trust (RoT) and zero trust models.

Lattice helps partners achieve cyber resiliency by incorporating critical aspects like RoT and zero trust, empowering partners to build secure and safe applications. We do so by adding more intelligence and security measures to the Edge, enhancing adaptability and connectivity, and implementing PQC-secure algorithms to help partners overcome challenges and achieve enhanced security. In Meta Security Architect Indranil Banerjee’s keynote, Banerjee spoke about the real-world challenges Meta faced when scaling their custom silicon solutions for their server RoT solution. However, by implementing a zero trust infrastructure – leveraging Lattice FPGA technology, Meta was able to achieve the desired security in their cloud datacenters.

Q4 2023 Security Seminar Recap Blog - Meta

As more Edge applications are processing data with AI algorithms, FPGA solutions like the Lattice Avant™ FPGA platform can provide resilient security through the use of advanced cryptographic algorithms on a hardware security engine. This hardware not only protects all IP that is programmed into FPGAs, but it can also be used to encrypt and decrypt on the fly as data transitions through devices.

Q4 2023 Security Seminar Recap Blog - Lattice Avant

Watch our security-related Lattice Developers Conference breakout sessions and technology demonstrations at the below links:

  • Breakout Sessions:
    • Quantum threat – A New Era of Security
  • Technology Demonstrations:
    • Lattice Sentry & Birchstream (Lincoln City DC-SCM card w/HRoT module)
    • Lattice LTPI and PFR demo in Pegatron’s Ellington Server
    • DC-SCM and LTPI with Ampere Platform
    • 89Lattice ECP5 based Soft BMC for Server Management
    • Lattice/AMI DC-SCM 2.0 Platform Root of Trust (PRoT) using LVDS Tunneling Protocol and Interface (LTPI)
    • Post-Quantum Cryptography
    • Post-Quantum Cryptography Secure Sub System
    • Post-Quantum Cryptography Evaluation Kit
    • IoTC with Connectivity & Security

Building a Secure Future with Lattice

This is an incredibly exciting time for FPGA technology and an even more exciting time for developers. With a rapidly evolving landscape, Lattice FPGAs’ low power, high-performance, and flexible capabilities are the key to building enhanced, more resilient security measures. As security threats only continue to grow and evolve in the years ahead, Lattice can be a helpful partner and resource to prepare and overcome what’s to come.

To learn more about the changing security ecosystem, the solutions available, and how Lattice can help drive enhanced security, reach out to speak with the team at Lattice.