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5 Reasons to Go Connector Free

5 Reasons to Go Connector Free
Posted 06/29/2015 by Bill Huang

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In a world ripe with new and ever-advancing technology, our mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Maintaining connection and organization in a busy and technologically advanced environment is made exponentially easier through mobile products. However, these handy little devices, while useful, are rather high maintenance. A spilled drink in the office or a stray puddle on a rainy day has the potential to ruin our source of connection to the world. The pain of losing a device to water damage or struggling to fit a too-bulky device into a too-small space is lost on no one, including tech designers. Hence the development of Snap technology. Snap technology is designed to replace physical connectors on a wide array of mobile devices. The benefits of eliminating physical connectors are endless, but we’ve come up with 5 reasons to go "connector free":

  1. Thinner and more elegant devices. The thinness of mobile devices is largely limited by the physical connector because the device has to be at least as thick as the connector that goes into it. Eliminating the connector means the device can be significantly thinner. No more struggling to fit a device into the pocket of your jeans.  
  2. User-friendliness. Without a physical connector, the only thing that matters is you and your device. There are no more concerns about fitting the right cable into the right connector, in the right orientation for each of your devices. Instead, the device is the optimized to your busy life style, with no strings attached.
  3. Protection from life’s little mishaps. Physical connectors mean there are openings in the device that can allow water, mud, and other device-killing substances inside. Eliminating the connector makes the device more durable and able to withstand adventures, like taking pictures at the beach.
  4. No mechanical connector failures. A broken phone port can cause a premature end to a relationship between a smartphone and its owner. A world without connectors eliminates potential malfunction on the phone ports -- ensuring that data transfer will not be disrupted.
  5. Easy data transfer. Without connectors, there is no need to search for USB cords and determine the correct ports on each device that will transfer the data you want. Just put your devices in close proximity to each other to quickly and easily transfer your content. 

Market research estimates there were roughly 5.8 billion mobile device users worldwide. That means there are 5.8 billion opportunities for mobile devices to be ruined by problems that could be avoided by replacing the physical connector. Going "connector free" gives mobile users the device they deserve and eliminates many of the challenges surrounding mobile devices today.