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How to request for documents that have access controlled by Lattice Semiconductor?

If you are looking for controlled documents, please ensure you have an active Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Lattice Semiconductor.
To submit the NDA request, please go to this link to :

Once the NDA is in place, or if you already have an active NDA in place, please login to our website and submit a Technical Support Request case in this link:

The following are entries for certain required drop-down menu fields:
- Case Type: Other
- Case Category: Documentation
- Product Family: MachXO3D/MachXO5-NX/Mach-NX/CrossLink-NX/Certus-NX/CertusPro-NX/Avant (or any other products that the content from the documents would be applied on)

Within 48 hours of receiving your request, our Technical Support Team will respond with the supporting documents.