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Why does the following error occur: "ERROR - Environment variable 'TEMP' is set to a non-writable location. Please define it to a temporary directory location for temporary files. Done: failed with exit code: 0019." How to resolve this problem?

Lattice ispLever needs to store temporary files that are generated during processing. Operating systems provide this file space by allocating a special directory just for that purpose, along with an environment variable string named "TEMP" that contains the path to that directory.

Your system apparently does not have this directory created, or does not have the environment variable properly defined, or the directory exists on an unreachable (for example, unmounted) or read-only drive. Make sure there is such a directory on a permanent drive, so it is always available.

The following is the typical path to temporary files: 

C:\Temp C:\Windows\Temp C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserName\My Documents\Temp

Then, make sure you have the environment variable named "TEMP" pointing to that directory.

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