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Why did the iCEstick board get damaged while loading a bitmap to iCEstick's FLASH memory? and how to recover the damage board?

While loading a bitmap to iCEstick's flash memory ensure that:

- In your design no dedicated General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pin has been used as an output pin. If, for example, pin 21 has been assigned for output, please replace it with another pin as this pin is connected to the output of the 12 MHz external oscillator, and the input pin OSCI of FTDI. As the pin is assigned as output, there are multiple drivers for the
OSCI pin of the FTDI, and due to this a distorted clock gets generated,
the FTDI stops working and the board is not detected.

- On the damaged board, remove the R18 resistor from the board.
The board will get detected, and then erase the SPI flash.

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