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Why do I receive notices that my evaluation version of Aldec is about to expire. I upgraded to ispLEVER 7.2, but continue to receive notices that Aldec Active-HDL is about to expire.

Firstly, check the license file, make sure it contains ACTIVEHDL_LIC_NUMBER ALDEC and ACTIVEHDL_LATTICE_MIX_LT features.

Then check the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment varible set up. The ispLEVER provides a tool (\ispCPLD\bin\lmtools.exe) to diagnose LM license issue.

Alternatively, you can also use the license diagnose tool in Active-HDL GUI to specify the license file location and validate it.
- Open Active-HDL GU?I, chose menu Help ->License Information
- Click "Next >" button in the pop-up Diagnose window
- In the License Location section, browse and select the license file
- Continue to click on the "Next>" and "Finish" button to update the license information.
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