Smart Camera Board Set

Quickly develop intelligent, customized, embedded camera solutions

Maximum design flexibility – Tachyssema’s compact board set for intelligent cameras features an innovative interconnect scheme that allows developers to quickly build embedded real-time solutions for industrial video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other intelligent camera applications.

High performance results – Lattice FPGA-based architecture minimizes latency for real-time applications with 32-bit ARM processor and dual DDR memory.

Broad sensor options – Flexible firmware, multiple sensor choices support development of solutions that meet many different requirements including high sensitivity, high definition and HDR 20 bits.

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  • Compact and versatile 42x42mm Camera Board Set for tailored embedded real-time image processing
  • FPGA based processing architecture including additional 32bits STM32 ARM processor, dual DDR and smart stackable interconnection standard
  • Large choice of image sensors – HDR 20bits, High Sensitivity, High Definition
  • Flexible Firmware tailored to a specific need
  • Ideal for industrial machine vision, medical image processing, specific OEM camera, and security surveillance

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Smart Camera Board

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Smart Camera Board Camera

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Smart Camera Board Connectors

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Smart Camera Board Top

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Ordering Information

This board is sold by Tachyssema, contact Tachyssema at or visit their website at for more information.


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