POWR607/6AT6 Evaluation Board

The POWR607/6AT6 Evaluation Board, an easy-to-use platform for evaluating and designing with the Lattice Power Manager II devices, POWR607 and POWR6AT6. In addition to the two Power Manager II devices, the board features a slide potentiometer, various switches and buttons for user input, and LEDs for feedback.

The Board comes with a pre-loaded Processor Support demonstration design, which integrates three key functions of the POWR607 traditionally covered by discrete ICs: voltage supervisor, reset generator, and watchdog timer. The programmable features of the POWR607 give it flexibility to be used in a variety of system support roles. A Voltage Monitoring demonstration is also available. You can also develop your own custom designs using the PAC-Designer software, and reprogram the board with the Diamond Programmer software.

The board is powered and programmed via a simple USB mini cable, included in the kit.


  • Power Manager II ispPAC® -POWR607
  • Power Manager II ispPAC®-POWR6AT6
  • LEDs for general purpose I/O, power indicators, and watchdog timer interrupt indication
  • Slide potentiometer
  • USB B-mini connector for power and programming
  • 2x14 expansion header for general I/O, voltage monitor inputs, and power supply trim outputs
  • Thru-hole and surface mount prototyping area for custom design verification
  • Push buttons for reset and watchdog timer trigger
  • 4-bit DIP switch for watchdog timer period programming and reset pulse stretch enable
  • JTAG and I2C header landings for JTAG cable programming and I2C interface (cables not included).

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Kit Contents

  • POWR607/6AT6 Evaluation Board
  • USB-mini cable for power and programming
  • Color printed QuickStart guide

Board Photos

Side View

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Top View

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Bottom View

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Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part number: PACPOWR607-P-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you
  • Click here to order now from the Lattice Online Store


Quick Reference
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POWR607/6AT6 Evaluation Board User's Guide
EB86 1.0 7/30/2014 PDF 2.5 MB
Programming Cable - User Guide
Describes the features and recommended usage guidelines of Lattice ispDOWNLOAD Cables.
FPGA-UG-02042 26.7 4/24/2024 PDF 992.6 KB
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POWR607/6AT6 Evaluation Board Default Demo Source Files
1.0 7/29/2014 ZIP 6.6 KB

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