​​Small Low-cost Flexible Board using the RasPi RP2040 and ICE40UP5K on PMOD’s​

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The Pico-Ice is a small, low-cost board with the Raspberry Pi Pico processor (RP2040) and a Lattice Semiconductor iCE40UP5K FPGA with 4 MB NOR flash, 8MB SSRAM, 3 color LED, pushbutton and 4 dual-PMOD headers bringing out all pins on the RP2040 and FPGA. Supported by Lattice Radiant and Icestorm software. OSHW certified.

Custom firmware library on the RP2040 to enable various board features including DFU & drag-drop for FPGA bit file loading without a programmer.

FPGA clock supplied by the RP2040, easy to program FPGA clock under SW control

Support for ultra-low power sleep mode: Can shut down the RP2040 and FPGA while keeping the SRAM powered

Examples for communicating to the FPGA from USB to UART or SPI


  • ​​Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor​
  • ​​Lattice UltraPlus ICE40UP5K FPGA with 5.3k LUTs, 1Mb SPRAM, 120Kb DPRAM, 8 Multipliers​
  • ​​External FPGA memories: 4MB qSPI Flash, 8MB low power qSPI SRAM​
  • ​​Independent 4MB qSPI flash for the RP2040​
  • ​​RGB LED, shared between the RP2040 and FPGA​

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Kit Contents

  • Pico-Ice board
  • 4 dual PMOD headers
  • Soldered PMOD option available

Block Diagram

​Pico-Ice Block Diagram​

Pico-Ice Pinout Diagram​

Board Photos

Side View

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