Lattice 7:1 LVDS Video Demo Kit

The Lattice 7:1 LVDS Video Demo Kit is a set of boards and cables that demonstrate the implementation of a 7:1 LVDS solution using the LatticeECP2 or LatticeXP2 FPGA. The kit works with the LatticeECP2-Advanced Evaluation Board or LatticeXP2 Advanced Evaluation Board, as well as various user video I/O resources.

The default design for use with this kit is based on the 7:1 LVDS Video Interface reference design, targeted for the LatticeECP2 or LatticeXP2 FPGA, and specifically tailored for use with this kit. This, and other resources related to this kit can be downloaded from the links at the left of this page.

Device Support

You will need to following software to use this product:

  • ispLEVER for design, fitting, place & route of Lattice programmable devices
  • ispVM to download your program to the LatticeECP2 or LatticeXP2 device

You will need the following hardware (not included) to use this product:

  • DVI-I signal source (i.e. PC with DVI video card or equivalent)
  • DVI-Compatible display with input cable

Reference Design 1030 - 7:1 LVDS Video Interface for LatticeECP2/M or LatticeXP2

Click here for more information on the source reference design for the 7:1 LVDS video demo. Please note that the standard demo design for use with this product is based on RD1030, and is available for download from the links at the left of this screen.

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Kit Contents

  • 4 Video Demo Boards (See User Manual for full description - link at left of this page)
  • LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board (Optional - see below)
    • Includes Wall Adapter Power Supply (Universal voltage input, US plugs)
    • Includes ispDOWNLOAD cable
  • Banana Jack Cables (For supplying Power to Video Demo Boards from LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board or other source)
  • 2 Channel-Link MDR Cables
  • DVI Cable

Ordering Information

  • This product is no longer available for puchase.

  • The information provided here is for reference purposes only.
  • LatticeECP2 Video Development Kit (Includes LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board), Reference number: LFE2-50E-VID-EV
  • Lattice Video Interface Kit (Does not include any FPGA board), Reference number: HW-VID-KIT
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


Technical Resources
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LatticeECP3, LatticeECP2/M, LatticeXP2 7:1 LVDS Video Interface Reference Design Files
Contains Verilog and VHDL source files for RD1030 and use with the 7:1 LVDS Video Demo hardware from Lattice.
RD1030 1.5 4/12/2011 ZIP 1.8 MB

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