CrossLink-NX Voice and Vision Machine Learning Board

A platform for prototyping machine learning at the edge

High Performance – A board specifically designed with low power machine learning applications in mind, using CrossLink-NX 40K, a powerful FPGA with an AI accelerator.

Vision and Voice based ML Applications – on board low power image sensor and microphones along with reference design code to ensure fast time to innovation.

Flexible connectivity – variety of expansion ports and connectors available such as PMOD connectors, High-Speed connectors and Superspeed USB to allow bringing data in from various sensors and pushing data out through fast interfaces.


  • On board HM0360 low power image sensor
  • 2 microphones for audio ML applications
  • 4 PMOD connectors for connecting additional sensors
  • Programing and data input and output through USB
  • Demos and reference designs available for popular ML use cases

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  • CrossLink-NX Voice and Vision Machine Learning Board
  • HM360 camera sensor (1 sensor, mounted on board)
  • USB Cable for Programming via PC (USB-A to Micro-B)
  • USB Cable for video output (Micro-B to USB-A)
  • Quick Start Guide with Lattice Radiant software download information

Board Photos

Bottom View

Side View

Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: LIFCL-VVML-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you


Quick Reference
CrossLink-NX User Tracking and Onlooker Detection on VVML Board Demonstration User Guide
FPGA-UG-02140 1.0 11/10/2021 PDF 2 MB
CrossLink-NX QVGA Mobilenet Human Identification on VVML Board Demonstration
FPGA-UG-02141 1.0 11/10/2021 PDF 1.6 MB
CrossLink-NX Voice and Vision Machine Learning Board Quickstart Guide
QS0053 1.0 7/24/2021 PDF 735.9 KB
CrossLink-NX Voice and Vision Machine Learning Board Evaluation Board User Guide
FPGA-EB-02039 1.0 4/21/2021 PDF 2.8 MB

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