Multi-Channel Motor Control with Predictive Maintenance

The Lattice Automate Stack solution system architecture and initial reference design is depicted below. The Lattice Propel built RISC-V processor based subsystem combined with HW acceleration enables flexible, low power and high performance support for multi-channel motor control with AI based predictive maintenance over EtherConnect - a low-cost, real-time embedded Ethernet Network. Lattice and design services partners are also available to provide customizations to enable support for different types of motors and topologies.

Block Diagram

Automate Stack System Architecture


Technical Resources
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Node System Reference Design V2.0
2.0 6/28/2022 ZIP 9 KB
Main System Reference Design V2.0
2.0 6/28/2022 ZIP 3.2 MB
Predictive Maintenance Training V1.1
1.1 12/15/2021 7Z 328.3 KB
Automate Stack 2.0 Reference Design - User Guide
FPGA-RD-02255 1.0 6/28/2022 PDF 4.3 MB

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