Barcode Detection Reference Design

Implements Camera Barcode Detection Capabilities Based on Yolov5 NN Models

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Barcode detection and reading is an application typically ran using an accelerated industrial PC running a mix of traditional and AI/ML based algorithms. As designers look to reduce the cost of deployment, cameras with built-in barcode reading capabilities enable simpler implementation of the application.

This reference design demonstrates the barcode detection using the CertusPro-NX Voice and Vision Machine Learning Board that implements camera barcode detection capabilities based on Yolov5 NN models.


  • Detection, image quality improvement and reading in a single design
  • Low latency design based on the parallel compute capabilities of the CertusPro-NX FPGA
  • Image resolution input of 640 x 480, cropped and downscaled to 160 x 120 for processing
  • Detection results overlayed within the FPGA on top of the input image
  • Uses Yolov5 style network for improved accuracy in small footprint

Block Diagram

Machine Vision Barcode Detection Block Diagram


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Machine Vision: Barcode Detection - User Guide
FPGA-RD-02266 1.0 3/7/2023 PDF 1.6 MB

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