Pedometer Reference Design

The easiest pedometer implementation for any mobile device

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Pedometer Reference DesignAdd complete pedometer functionality to any device – The Lattice pedometer reference design enables the addition of complete pedometer functionality to any mobile device design.

Reduced power, without compromising performance – With very low power in active mode, users will be able to keep walking for miles and still count steps, calories, distance and time duration.

Low cost, space efficient design – The low cost design measures just 1.4 mm x 1.4 mm and interfaces the iCE40 UltraLite™ to the LSM330DLC accelerometer.

The pedometer reference design is a low cost solution to add a complete pedometer function to any mobile device.


The Lattice pedometer reference design is a complete, ready to use solution for any mobile product.

  • Pedometer design counts steps, calories, distance and keeps time duration
  • Hardware reference design interfaces iCE40 Ultra™ to the LSM330DLC accelerometer
  • iCE40 Ultra™ occupies only 4.42 mm of area (2.1 mm x 2.1 mm)
  • Hardware evaluation platform available
  • Android drivers available for version 4.3 or higher

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Technical Resources
APQ8074 Dragonboard Boot Image for UG73 to UG76
1.0 7/15/2014 ZIP 330.8 MB
iCE40 Ultra Pedometer Design Files
UG76 1.1 7/15/2014 ZIP 2.7 MB
iCE40 Ultra Pedometer User’s Guide
UG76 1.1 11/15/2014 PDF 1.2 MB

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