Display Interface Multiplexer

IP ExpressThe latest trend in portable computer power management is Switchable Graphics. This technology allows a discrete graphics card to be used for graphics intensive applications when under AC power (plugged in to power socket) and Intel Integrated Graphics to be used in battery mode, extending battery life when on-the-go.

The Display Interface (7:1 LVDS) Multiplexer IP enables Switchable Graphics applications. Using this IP you can select one of two asynchronous LVDS video streams (OpenLDI or FPD-link or DFP) for output by first converting them to parallel, multiplexing and reconverting to serial. The IP consists of two LVDS to parallel data converters, one parallel data multiplexer and a parallel data to LVDS converter. The multiplexing is initiated by a user input signal, but the switching instance is determined by the IP core by processing the sync signals in the video stream.

The Display Interface Multiplexer is available as an IPexpress user configurable IP core, which allows the configuration of the IP and generation of a netlist and simulation file for use in designs. Please note that generating a bitstream may be prevented or the bitstream may have time logic present unless a license for the IP is purchased.


  • Includes LVDS Physical layer- two parallel to LVDS and one LVDS to parallel converters
  • Supports 18 and 24 bits color depth
  • Supports single and dual pixel configuration
  • Supports all standard resolutions, refresh rates and pixel depths that are within the parallel data clock rate of 108 MHz
  • Data enable, horizontal sync and vertical sync outputs for both input channels
  • Optional parallel data output for selected channels
  • Immediate or synchronized switching
  • Option to include LVDS I/Os inside the IP core

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Block Diagram

Display Interface Multiplexer

Performance and Size

Parameter Settings SLICEs LUTs Registers I/O PLLs fMAX (MHz)
1 pixel per clock, 8-bits color 216 429 259 32 2 298 MHz (596 Mbps)
1 pixel per clock, 8-bits color 153 304 191 32 1 298 MHz ( 596 Mbps)

1. Preliminary information. Performance and utilization characteristics are generated using LCMXO2-4000HC-5CABGA256CES ispLEVER 8.1 SP1 software. Performance may vary when using this IP core in a different density, speed or grade within the MachXO2 family.

Ordering Information

Family Part Number

IP Version: 1.0.

Evaluate: To download a full evaluation version of this IP, go to the IPexpress tool and click the IP Server button in the toolbar. All LatticeCORE IP cores and modules available for download will be visible.

Purchase: To find out how to purchase the IP Core, please contact your local Lattice Sales Office.


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IPexpress Quick Start Guide
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