High Performance DES and Triple-DES Cores

Helion Tech LogoThese high performance cores from Helion have been highly optimised for use in FPGA, and implement the DES and triple-DES encryption standards, as described in NIST Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) publication 46-3.

Two versions are available, each offering different trade-offs between area and speed. The smallest solution is a one-round-per-clock solution, which has been very carefully designed for minimum area in FPGA. The faster variant is somewhat different to most others commercially available in that it operates at a rate of two-rounds-per-clock. This results in a core which will run significantly faster for a given gate-count, so for high performance designs, where either speed is essential or space is limited, these cores may be the perfect solution.


  • Implements DES and Triple-DES to NIST FIPS publication 46-3
  • Two versions available; user can choose best balance of speed and size for application
  • Very fast operation – Single DES Encryption/Decryption takes only 9-clock cycles in fastest version
  • Same core offers dynamically selectable single DES/triple DES and encrypt/decrypt modes
  • All DES operating modes easily implemented (eg. ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC-MAC)
  • Simple external interface
  • Highly optimised for use in each individual FPGA technology

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This IP core is supported and sold by Helion Technology, contact Helion Technology at info@heliontech.com or visit their website at www.heliontech.com for more information.


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Helion Technology - DES and Triple-DES Cores
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