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Is it possible to determine what functions an ispVME data file performs?

ispVME data files can be converted to Serial Vector Format (SVF) files. ispVME data files are a proprietary binary format. Translating them into SVF turns them into a defacto industry standard that is human readable. Lattice provides SVF Debugger for the translation. SVF Debugger is a program, supplied as part of ispVM System, designed to step through SVF format files. It also provides a way to convert ispVME data files into SVF.

  • Start ispVM System

  • Select the ispTools menu

  • Select SVF Debugger...

  • From the SVF Debugger program window select File->Open

  • Browse to your VME file

  • Select Open
SVF Debugger converts your VME data file into SVF and displays it.