The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, originally developed for the car industry, is a fast, reliable and cost-effective data bus for multi-master and real-time applications.

CANmodule-IIx is a full functional CAN controller module that contains advanced message filtering, and receive and transmit buffers. It is designed to provide a low gate-count CAN interface for FPGA and ASIC based system-on-chip (SOC) integrations.

Full message filtering together with a transmit FIFO and a high priority transmit message buffer support a wide range of applications. An AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) interface enables smooth integration with ARM based SOC’s.


  • Standard Compliant
    • Full CAN 2.0A/B compliant
    • ISO 11898-1 compatible
    • Supports standard CAN baud rates including 1 Mbps
  • Receive Path
    • 3 fully programmable message filters
    • Each message filter covers: ID, IDE, RTR, data byte 1 and data byte 2
    • 32 messages deep receive FIFO
    • FIFO status indicator
  • Message received time-stamp
    • Transmit Path
    • 16 messages deep transmit FIFO
    • 1 message buffer for high priority messages to bypass transmit FIFO
    • Message Arbiter
  • System Bus Interface
    • AMBA 2.0 Advanced Peripheral Bus Interface
    • Other bus interfaces available upon request
    • 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit wide data path
    • Status and configuration interface
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller
    • Local interrupt controller covering message and CAN error sources
  • Target for FPGA Implementations
    • Supports FPGA systems with two clock domains
    • System clock (fast clock)
    • CAN clock (slow clock, multiple of 8MHz)
  • Test and Debug Support
    • Listen only mode
    • Internal loopback mode
    • External loopback mode
  • SRAM Based Message Buffers
    • Optimized for low gate-count implementation
    • 100% Synchronous Design
  • Implementation Options — The core can be configured for your application to get a gate-count optimized implementation:
    • Configurations readback enable
    • Separate clock domains for CAN and system clock
    • Fixed CAN configuration
    • Selectable number of message filters: 0, 1, 2, or 3
    • Data bus width: 8, 16, or 32-bit


  • Transportation
  • Avionics and aerospace
  • Building automation
  • Machine control
  • Medical devices
  • Construction machines
  • Agriculture equipment

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Block Diagram

Performance and Size

The following are typical performance and utilization results.

Lattice Device Comb Seq Mem CAN Clock System Clock
iCE65L08-L 1422 655 4 14 MHz 30 MHz
iCE65L08-T 1422 654 4 21 MHz 43 MHz
iCE40LP8K 1441 654 4 35 MHz 66 MHz
iCE40LX8K 1441 654 4 39 MHz 79 MHz

Ordering Information

This IP core is supported and sold by INICORE, contact INICORE at or visit their website at for more information.

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