Lattce Propel Version History


Lattice Propel 2023.2

  • New Operating System (OS) Support
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 (64-bit)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.8 (64-bit)
  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Supports consistent interface for creating SoC project from Propel Builder and Propel SDK
    • Supports new C project flow to create different example application projects
    • Supports reproducing customized templates from Propel SDK
    • Supports Heap_4 and user-defined priority for task_create in FreeRTOS reference C project
    • Supports the Updating Lattice C/C++ Project flow for RISC-V MC Dual Processor Project
    • Supports soft JTAG debug for LFCPNX device
    • Supports F extension on RISC-V RX IP Core
    • Supports generation of a file list for scripted build flows
    • Supports IP upgrade/configure through TCL commands
    • Supports switching design output language between Verilog-HDL and VHDL after initial project creation
    • Supports exporting SoC as a set of TCL command and recreating from it
    • Supports DRC for mismatched ID/DATA width in AXI4, AHB Lite, and APB interfaces
    • Supports simulation for design with VHDL
    • Supports simulation for RISC-V RX core templates
    • Supports DUT with one-level sub sbx in verification project
    • Installer enhancements for Windows and Linux platforms

Lattice Propel 2023.1

  • New Operating System (OS) Support
    • Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 (64-bit)
  • New Device Support
    • LFCPNX-50 (CertusPro™-NX)
    • LFMXO5-55T (MachXO5™-NX)
    • LFMXO5-100T (MachXO5-NX)
  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Supports soft JTAG (so far only applied on Avant Hello World Project and Avant FreeRTOS Project).
    • Supports IP driver version tracking.
    • Supports software data watchpoint.
    • Supports input ports, output ports, and glue logic to be connected to inout ports.
    • Supports using TCL command line to clear Tcl Console, create SoC, reconfigure glue logic, connect grouping signals.
    • Supports Auto Connect grouping signals.
    • Supports reference IP RTL from user-specified library in IP Packager.
    • Supports generation and reconfiguration of IP from a centralized IP repository.
    • Supports subordinate sbx for design simplification and memory map display.
    • Improves customized templates with constraint file included.
    • Optimizes warnings and disables modifying Propel IP in Lattice Radiant software.
    • Added warning message for glue logic RTL that has been updated since it was originally added.
    • Previous Propel software versions available on Software Archive page on Company Public website:

Lattice Propel 2022.1

  • New Device Family Support
    • Lattice Avant™
  • New License Support

The license maintenance number has been updated to support the current Propel/Radiant software version number.
Visit the Lattice Software Licensing page to request for a new license.

To check the license maintenance number, open the license file, such as license.dat.

The following example shows the license maintenance number:
FEATURE LSC_CTL_PROPBLD lattice 2023.11 02-nov-2023 uncounted \
FEATURE LSC_CTL_PROPSDK_PFR lattice 2023.11 02-nov-2023 uncounted \

  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Rx IP supports all Nexus families including Lattice Avant, MachXO5™-NX, CrossLink™-NX, CertusPro™-NX, and Certus™-NX devices.
    • FreeRTOS template supports all Nexus families including Lattice Avant, MachXO5-NX, CrossLink-NX, CertusPro-NX, and Certus-NX devices, and with simulation support as well.
    • Provides new Rx template for LAV-AT devices.
    • Supports generating/managing custom templates.
    • Supports modifying port property.
    • Supports using .sbx instance for design simplification in Propel Builder.
    • Update Eclipse and C/C++ Development Tools (CDT):
      • Eclipse 2022-06 (4.24)
      • CDT 10.7.0
      • Embedded CDT 6.2.1
    • Optimized SDK project creation flow.
    • Previous Propel software versions available on Software Archive page on Company Public website:

Lattice Propel 2.2

  • New Device Family Support
    • Lattice LFMXO5 (MachXO5™-NX)
    • Lattice LIFCL-33 (CrossLink™-NX-33)
  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Supports Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Operating System.
    • Supports dual processors.
    • Supports displaying the latest IP version in the Propel Builder catalog by default.
    • Supports printf through semihosting during On-Chip-Debugging.
    • Supports backward compatible templates such as Sentry 1.0 and Sentry 2.1 projects.
    • Supports pin connection through auto connect in Propel Builder.
    • Supports hierarchical IP in Propel Builder.
    • Enhances Meta Data tab GUI to have additional IP description options.
    • Supports new interface AMBA4 AXI4, AMBA4 AXI4 Lite, AMBA4 AXI4 Stream.
    • Enhances new language in IP Packager *.sv.
    • Supports multiple channel for On-Chip-Debugging.
    • Supports AHBL & APB passthrough master & slave for user extension.
    • Supports AXI4 and AXI4-Lite interface.
    • Supports RISC-V RTOS (RX) IP.
    • Supports AXI Interconnect IP (AXI4 and AXI4-Lite).
    • Supports AXI4 to AHB-Lite Bridge IP.
    • Supports AXI4 to APB3 Bridge IP.
    • Provides new AXI interface and RISC-V RX IP based SoC template.
    • Provides Windows installer with digital signature.

Lattice Propel 2.1

  • New Device Family Support
    • Lattice LFCPNX (CertusPro™-NX)
  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Supports RV32IMC by RISC-V MC processor.
    • Supports RHEL 7.7 & RHEL 8.4 Operating System.
    • Supports Lattice Radiant foundation IP in Propel Builder.
    • Supports device information modification in Propel Builder project.
    • Integrates picolibc as the default standard C library to support three levels of printf.
    • Supports CertusPro-NX template design, the HelloWorld Project.

Lattice Propel 2.0

  • New Device Family Support
    • Lattice MachXO2™
    • Lattice MachXO3L™
    • Lattice MachXO3LF™
  • Tools and Enhancements
    • Supports RISC-V CPU for state machine with tiny size of around 800 LUTs under minimum configuration and about 0.5 DMIPS/Mhz performance.
    • Supports creating C++ software projects based on Lattice SoC platform.
    • Supports gluelogic including invert, split, concat, equation, and simple RTL components in Propel Builder.
    • Supports redo/undo function in Propel Builder.
    • Supports IP Packager: a tool for creating an IP package easily by editing of port, file, parameter, and memory in IP Packager.
    • Provides MachXO2 template design, the HelloWorld Project.

Lattice Propel 1.1

  • New Device Family Support
    • Lattice CrossLink™-NX
    • Lattice Certus™-NX
  • Lattice Propel SDK
    • Supports cable port and device detection and selection during on-chip debug.
    • Supports creating C project for SoC project with multiple memory regions.
    • Supports importing Lattice System on Chip (SoC) projects into workspace.
    • Adds synchronizing C project with SoC project.
    • Adds Lattice Diamond, Lattice Radiant, and Propel Builder bridges.
    • Adds directory settings for Lattice Diamond /Lattice Radiant location.
    • Supports peripherals view with register description during debug session.
    • Supports hardware description language syntax highlighting.
  • Lattice Propel Builder
    • Adds standalone Propel Builder icon to the start menu and the desktop.
    • Supports creating SoC project and SoC verification in project wizard Graphic User Interface.
    • Adds Lattice Diamond, Lattice Radiant, and Propel SDK bridges.
    • Adds directory settings for user IP/Lattice Diamond/Lattice Radiant/Questasim location.
    • Generates simulation environment, testbench, and script.
    • Integrates OEM ModelSim.
  • Template Design and System Simulation
    • Provides CrossLink-NX template design, the HelloWorld Project.
    • Provides Certus-NX template design, the HelloWorld Project.
    • Supports functional verification using system-level simulation environment for templates.

Lattice Propel 1.0

  • Platform
    • Supports Lattice MachXO3D platform.
  • Processor and IPs
    • Supports RISC-V MC processor IP with RV32I & Zicsr ISA.
    • Encapsulates Timer and Programmer Interrupt Controller (PIC) in the processor IP.
    • Supports GNU Project Debugger (GDB) debug through JTAG port.
    • Supports foundation IPs for system bus (AHB-Lite, APB), system memory,and configuration of Embedded Functional Block (EFB) of MachXO3Ddevice.
    • Provides Board Support Package(BSP)support for RISC-V and foundation IPs.
  • Propel Builder
    • Implements a desired system simply with drag-and-drop instantiation and wizard-guided configuration and parameterization.
    • Automates the task of integrating IP components.
    • Supports downloadable IP from IP catalog.
  • Propel SDK
    • Built-in industry standard components and tools for software development and debugging.
    • Optimized project management flow for Lattice FPGA platform.
    • Integrates GDB and Open On-Chip-Debugging (OCD)with chained JTAG.
  • Template Design and System Simulation
    • Provides template design, the HelloWorld project.
    • Supports functional verification using system-level simulation environment for templates.