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Lattice Insights: Empowering FPGA Application Design and Development

Lattice Insights: Empowering FPGA Application Design and Development
Posted 05/23/2023 by Steve Ong, Director of Worldwide Applications

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Designing and implementing a complex solution on an FPGA can be tricky. The learning curve for first-time FPGA users can be steep and advancing deeper into FPGA design techniques require time and effort. At Lattice Semiconductor, we want to make your journey of learning and designing with FPGAs a seamless and gratifying experience. Lattice Insights, the official training academy for Lattice Semiconductor, is created to enable that experience - to empower FPGA developers to fully utilize Lattice FPGAs for the development of their solutions.

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Lattice Insights consolidates information, knowledge, and techniques from years of industry experience, assembled into easy-to-understand training courses. These courses are organized topically into 5 series, to ease finding your area of focus: The Developer Series, Software Series, Silicon Series, Solutions Series, and Board Series. Each of these series features training courses arranged in increasing levels of depth. Early users can begin with overviews and fundamentals, then progress to more advanced topics at your own pace.

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As FPGA developers and engineers ourselves, we understand how our developers consume technical information. Our training courses, which are typically 1 to 2 hours long, are also available in smaller chunks of training modules that are 5 to 10 minutes long. This will allow you to experience the topic of your interest according to our recommended arrangement, or selectively watch specific chunks as your project requires. If you prefer a more guided approach, enroll for one of the Learning Plans. These plans contain a playlist of training courses and topics specially curated by Lattice technical trainers to meet your unique needs.

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With Lattice Insights being a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS), you can easily resume where you previously stopped, bookmark your favorite modules, and track your training course progress. With these, you have the content, guidance, and tools required to maximize your learning.

Sign up for a free registration and you will get immediate access to a wealth of training courses that provide learning opportunities unique to the site. As you venture deeper, explore advanced paid courses, or subscribe to the All-Access Plan that provides 12 months, unlimited access to the entire Lattice Insights library, including new content that are consistently added. To commemorate the official launch of Lattice Insights, all subscriptions purchased by September 30, 2023 receives a 50% extension, meaning your All-Access Plan will last 18 months!

The name Lattice Insights was motivated by our goal to enlighten and empower our developer community, with insights – so that you can use this portal to unlock the potential of Lattice FPGAs, and unleash the potential in you. Come join us on this exciting learning journey!