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Lattice Semiconductor Recognized As "Most Innovative FPGA Mobile Platform Supplier" In China

Lattice FPGAs for Mobile/Consumer Applications Recognized by China Electronic News Magazine

HILLSBORO, OR – SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 – Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced that China Electronic News magazine (CEN) has recognized Lattice with its "Most Innovative FPGA Mobile Platform" award. The award was presented to Lattice as part of the FPGA Forum, which was held August 17 in Chengdu, China.

"As one of the most promising technologies in the semiconductor industry, the use of FPGAs is growing rapidly at home and abroad. The development of the FPGA industry could never be realized without the efforts of leading companies, professors and media. Therefore, China Electronic News organized the 2012 FPGA forum in China in order to discuss FPGA topics with industry experts and professional groups. CEN also shared research about the leading FPGA brands worldwide, and has named Lattice Semiconductor as the most innovative FPGA mobile platform supplier in China," said Li Ying, Managing Editor of CEN. "With consistent research and development, Lattice has proven its capability to offer customers the most innovative mobile FPGA platform. Innovation is the soul of the FPGA industry, and we think Lattice has leveraged it properly to satisfy customer needs for both quality and cost."

Lattice FPGAs for mobile/consumer applications include both the iCE40™ and MachXO2™ device families. "We are honored to receive this recognition from China Electronic News," said Douglas Hunter, Lattice Vice President of Corporate Marketing. "The use of FPGAs as design solutions for mobile and consumer electronics is growing rapidly and, we believe, marks a new era in the expansion of the overall FPGA market. Our iCE40 and MachXO2 device families are now found in a broad range of consumer products, including smartphones, e-readers, cameras, televisions and tablets, and it is gratifying that China Electronic News has chosen to recognize our success."

About the iCE40 mobileFPGA Family

Designers of handheld, battery-based consumer products have long awaited a programmable logic solution that delivers design flexibility and fast time to market benefits coupled with features that address their power, logic capacity, cost and small form factor requirements. This solution is now provided by Lattice's ultra-low power iCE40 mobileFPGA™ devices. Utilizing the mobileFPGA platform, mobile designers can quickly bring new features and custom functionality to market. Fabricated on a 40nm low power standard CMOS process, the iCE40 mobileFPGA family includes the HX-Series (High Performance) and the LP-Series (Low Power) devices, targeting tablets and smartphones, respectively.

About the MachXO2 PLD Family

The MachXO2 devices provide designers of low density PLDs an unprecedented mix of low cost, low power and high system integration in a single device. Built on a low power 65-nm process featuring embedded Flash technology, the MachXO2 family delivers a 3X increase in logic density, a 10X increase in embedded memory, more than a 100X reduction in static power to as low as 19uW and up to 30% lower cost compared to the prior generation MachXO™ PLD family. These devices are ideal for control PLD applications in end markets such as telecom infrastructure, computing, high-end industrial, high-end medical, and low power applications such as smart phones, GPS devices and digital cameras.

About Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice is a service-driven developer of innovative low cost, low power programmable design solutions. For more information about how our FPGA, CPLD, and programmable power management devices help our customers unlock their innovation, visit You can also follow us via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

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