Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

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Lattice Semiconductor Corporation is committed to protect the natural environment, to prevent pollution, to meet our compliance obligations, and continually improve our environmental performance. We further commit to the following:

  • To reduce environmental impacts from chemical use, fire, energy consumption, and waste generation that are under our direct control; and
  • To select manufacturing subcontractors with demonstrated commitment to environmental protection.

Our Focus  

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Product Sustainability

We develop clean technology products that lead the industry in energy efficiency and small size.

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Operational Excellence

We are committed to operational sustainability and excellence across Lattice sites worldwide.

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Supply Chain Management

We work exclusively with industry-leading suppliers that have the highest quality and ESG standards.

Product Sustainability

Sustainability is built into our mission as the low power programmable leader. We have a long history of innovation and an on-going commitment to developing cleantech products that lead the industry in energy efficiency and small size.

Product Design

  • We combine innovative circuit design with advanced process technology to create FPGAs that lead the industry in power efficiency and small package size. This can help our customers achieve lower energy consumption and more compact footprints with their designs.
  • The programmability of our FPGAs enables extended longevity, which can led to less waste being created over the lifetime of an FPGA compared to other types of semiconductors.
  • We have delivered multiple generations and families of clean tech products since our founding in 1983 that help our customers reduce the power consumption of their devices and extend their products’ lifespans.
  • We carefully examine the potential environmental impacts of our products and ways to improve the energy efficiency of our solutions.
  • Lattice products help our customers protect natural resources:
    • Smart client compute devices that lower power consumption
    • Solar panel and wind turbine control that maximizes the delivery of renewable energy
    • Efficient motor control for industrial and automotive applications
    • Lower power wireless base stations
    • Smaller & lighter products that reduce packaging & transportation waste
  • Lattice is committed to developing artificial intelligence solutions with ethical and fair considerations for a variety of factors, including gender, ethnicity, and age.
Lattice Chip
4x Lower Power

Lattice FPGAs consume up to 4X less power than competitive devices

    10x Smaller

Lattice FPGAs are up to 10X smaller than competitive FPGA packages

~38000 Homes Per Year

Could be powered based on the energy savings our customers gain by choosing Lattice FPGAs

Operational Footprint

We are committed to operational sustainability and excellence across Lattice sites worldwide and are constantly looking at new technologies and ways to further reduce our operational footprint while maximizing our quality of service.

Facilities Optimizations

  • Maintain an extensive recycling program for paper and cardboard.
  • Membership in the San Jose Clean Energy Program allows us to purchase clean power from wind, solar, and carbon.
  • Buy 100% of our energy from renewable sources, where applicable.
  • Committed to a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction of 90% by 2030 for Scope 1 & 2 (compared to current estimated levels), in addition to ongoing review of the potential upstream and downstream impacts of our products and potential ways to further improve their energy efficiency.
  • Ongoing upgrades to office facilities include:
    • Energy friendly LED lighting and motion control systems installation.
      • Completed 100% LED lighting upgrade projects in Bay Area office (2022) and Hillsboro office (2021).
    • Optimizing building performance by upgrading HVAC and other key equipment.
      • Upgraded HVAC control system in Hillsboro office (2023).
      • Compressed air driers upgraded in Bay Area office for electrical efficiencies (2023).
    • Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure additions and expansions.
      • Increased on-site rapid-charging electric vehicle (EV) charging stations capacity by 200% in 2020.
  • Achieved total energy consumption reduction of 18% from 2020 to 2022 at Lattice headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • Lattice achieved ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification in 2023.
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Historical GHG Emissions
200 Percent EV Charging Capacity 

Upgraded EV Charging to rapid-charging stations in 2020

18% Energy Use Reduction 

Achieved at company headquarters between 2020 and 2022

100% LED Lighting 

Upgrade completed in Bay Area office (2022) and Oregon office (2021)

Quality and Reliability

  • Lattice is committed to industry leadership in the supply of low power programmable logic components and software design tools. We strive for customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of innovative products with the highest levels of quality and reliability.
  • We will always work to ensure compliance of our quality systems with the requirements of our customers, and in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 certification and relevant industry regulations.
  • For more information about our commitment to quality and reliability, visit https://www.latticesemi.com/Support/QualityAndReliability.

Supply Chain Management

We hold ourselves to high ESG standards and require our suppliers to have strong ESG programs as part of our qualification process. As a fabless semiconductor company, Lattice utilizes a subcontracted supply chain.

Supply Chain Partners

Commitment to High ESG Standards

  • We select supply chain partners that are leaders in ESG, including those that prioritize energy and water conservation, and we commit to ensuring that these companies comply with all global standards and maintain appropriate certifications.
  • We work exclusively with industry-leading suppliers. Our primary silicon foundry partners include: UMC, TSMC, and Samsung. Each of these silicon suppliers are leaders in the semiconductor industry as well as leaders in corporate responsibility.
  • Our primary OSAT (Assembly & Test) partner is Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) with an industry leading ESG program.

Driving Consistent Compliance

  • Ensuring Compliance with Global Standards/Certifications
    • Lattice requires all our supply chain partners to maintain ISO14001 registrations, which certifies a company's commitment to preserving the natural environment.
    • We have adopted industry-best practices that removed Lead (Pb) from solder compositions and converted plastic packages to Halogen-free formulations.
    • We have worked with our OSATs to eliminate the use of conflict minerals from our products. We regularly publish a CMRT (Conflict Mineral Reporting Template) that documents all the mineral smelters used in our supply chain.
    • We adhere to the European chemical standards of REACH and RoHS.
  • Additional Activities to Ensure Compliance
    • Lattice requires our primary supply chain partners to acknowledge and implement the principles within the RBA Code of Conduct. This code of conduct spells out the minimum requirements for workers’ rights, occupational safety, environmental impact, and business ethics.
    • We work with our OSATs to reclaim minerals from ICs that are rejected during the manufacturing process.
    • We perform Quarterly Business Reviews of our OSATs and annual audits of our Foundry suppliers.
  • Lattice holds ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification.
Certifications and Standards

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To learn more about Lattice’s commitment to actively managing our environmental, social, and governance practices across all aspects of our business, please visit:

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