Quality Systems

At Lattice Semiconductor, quality is a corporate responsibility and an integral part of all operational activities. Lattice Semiconductor became the first major PLD manufacturer to complete ISO 9000 registration. Lattice Semiconductor's Quality Systems have been certified and the company has been continually fully registered to the ISO9001 standard since September 1993.

Certification to the ISO 9000 standard provides a recognized and standardized basis for the continued development of the quality and reliability of LSC products. This certification assures Lattice Semiconductor's customers that its Quality Systems are well organized and embody a "Quality First" philosophy. It also reaffirms Lattice Semiconductor's promise to provide its customers with the highest quality and most reliable products in the industry.

Lattice Semiconductor's quality system is described in the Lattice Quality Manual. Lattice Semiconductor's Quality Assurance organization is independent from Manufacturing and is a core function management responsibility, assuring sufficient authority is afforded to quality issues.

Lattice Semiconductor maintains complete on-line documentation and computer-aided manufacturing systems to control manufacturing. Internal specifications are in compliance with applicable JEDEC and Military standards. Lattice Semiconductor's computer-aided manufacturing enables complete Fabrication and Assembly lot traceability. Lattice Semiconductor maintains a network of Application and Quality engineering personnel to support customers in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of its products.

Lattice Semiconductor's quality program is in full compliance to the quality assurance requirements of MIL-I-38535B Appendix C and all inspection systems requirements of MIL-I-45208.


Internal self-audits of the entire quality and delivery system are regularly performed per written procedures. The functional audits evaluate actual method to written procedure. The results of these audits are documented and any discrepancies are brought to the attention of personnel responsible for the audited area. Deficiencies require corrective actions and these corrective actions are subsequently verified as to deployment and effectiveness. A periodic review of these functional audit results and corrective actions is performed by Quality Assurance.

Corrective/Preventive Action

All operational functions utilize a documented corrective action system coordinated, recorded and monitored by Quality Assurance. The system is designed to provide for proactive problem identification and resolution in a timely manner. Inputs include vendor, internal and customer related problems. Emphasis is placed on effective elimination of the root cause to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Lattice Semiconductor Management is responsible for ensuring that employees have sufficiently well defined responsibilities, authority and organizational freedom to identify potential quality related problems as well as initiate and implement solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Lattice Semiconductor works at providing innovative solutions for our customers. The primary tool is our continuous design enhancements to our products by adding features and making each generation of products more robust with respect to the product use environment. With our manufacturing partners, we work at continuous process enhancements and improvements to build better product performance and cost effective solutions.

Lattice Semiconductor offers the best available device packages to our customers allowing for space efficient and energy managed solutions.

Lattice Semiconductor reviews all product failures discovered during qualification testing, inspections, customer returns or in-process screening to determine the cause or relevancy of the failure. This information is used to initiate improvement actions to eliminate the root cause and generate the appropriate solutions.


All equipment involved in determining product conformance to specifications through inspection, measurement, or testing meet the required accuracy. Equipment is calibrated and maintained on defined intervals against a nationally recognized standard. In addition, equipment exhibits a calibration status to safeguard against unauthorized adjustments.


Key manufacturing personnel complete a formal training program and obtain certification for each operation before they are allowed to perform activities affecting quality. Methods and records identifying the type and extent of training are maintained and recertification required on an annual basis.

Lattice Semiconductor performs comprehensive testing and manufacturing controls on all its products.