HDMI, superMHL & MHL

Lattice offers a wide range of mobile connectivity solutions featuring MHL® and HDMI® technologies. Our mobile semiconductor products are designed for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, streaming sticks, mobile docks, and other devices where a small form factor and lower power consumption are essential. We offer support for proprietary connectors along with standard micro-USB, superMHL™, and HDMI connectors.

Standards Based ASSPs

Family Description
Mobile HDMI® Transmitters Lattice’s HDMI transmitter ICs provide high-definition video from source devices like set-top-boxes to TVs and monitors.
Mobile superMHL/MHL - HDMI Bridge Chips Lattice’s MHL-HDMI and superMHL-HDMI bridge ICs provide ultra high definition (UHD) video from mobile devices to HDMI and other interfaces. Applications include dongles, adapters and docks.
Mobile superMHL/MHL Transmitters Lattice’s superMHL and MHL transmitters provide Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video throughput from your mobile device to your TV / monitor.