ispMACH 4064 Starter Kit

This ispMACH 4064 Starter Kit is the creation of Nurve Networks and is available for purchase directly from them and their distributors. This kit includes all of the hardware, components, software and tutorials you need to help you learn and design with the ispMACH 4064 CPLD. Whether your new to programmable logic and want to get started, or experienced and want to quickly prototype a design, this kit has everything you need.

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Kit Contents

  • ispMACH 4064 Board featuring:
    • VGA Output
    • RCA (NTSC/Audio)
    • 24 LEDs
    • 16 DIP Switches
    • 4 Push Buttons
    • 7 Segment Display
    • Dual 3.3/5V Supplies
    • Solderless Breadboard Area
  • Built-in Programmer
  • 9V DC Wall Adapter
  • DB25 Parallel Programming Cable
  • External CPLD Programming Cable
  • A/V Cable
  • 40 Hook-up wires
  • Over 75 Passive Components and Oscillators
  • Windows CD-ROM w/Software and Tools
  • 250 Page Printed Manual with 20 Step by Step Tutorials including state machines, NTSC, VGA, audio, ALU design and more.

Ordering Information

  • The ispMACH 4064 Starter Kit is available directly from Nurve Networks. Visit the website at the link below to learn more and order.
  • ispMACH 4064 Starter Kit


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