Ascon, Balanced (XIP2201B)

XIP2201B – A balanced lightweight cryptographic suite for AEAD and Hashing

The balanced Ascon from Xiphera is an Intellectual Property (IP) core for Ascon authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) and hashing. It supports three variants of AEAD as well as two variants of hashing and extendable output functions (XOF). Notably, the IP core provides three different cryptographic primitives all in one IP core.

Versatile Algorithm Support: the IP core supports ASCON-128/128a/80pq/Hash/Hasha as well as XOF and XOFa.

Secure Architecture: The execution time of the balanced Ascon IP core is independent of the input values and, consequently, provides full protection against timing-based side-channel attacks.

Standard Compliance: The IP core is compliant with Ascon specification 1.2 (31.05.2021), which is the version that was selected to be standardized by NIST. Xiphera commits to update the IP core when the standardization proceeds to newer versions.

Easy Integration: The 64-bit interface of the IP core supports easy integration to various systems.

Small resource requirements: The IP core requires only approximately 4665 4-input Lookup Tables (4LUTs) on a typical Lattice ® FPGA implementation and can still provide over 803.77 Mbps throughput.

Block Diagram

Internal high-level block diagram of the compact SHA-3 IP core

Ordering Information

Please contact for pricing and your preferred delivery method. The IP core can be shipped in a number of formats, including netlist, source code, or encrypted source code. Additionally, a comprehensive VHDL testbench and a detailed datasheet are included.

Download the full product brief: