Lattice mVision MIPI Video Sensor to PCIe Bridge Demonstration

Transferring CSI-2 to Computer via PCIe with Direct Memory Access

CertusPro™-NX MIPI CSI-2 to PCIe Bridge design demonstrates the functionality of transferring MIPI CSI-2 sensor video data to a computer through PCIe with a Direct Memory Access (DMA) engine. This demo is based on the CertusPro-NX Versa Board with Linux Operating System (OS) driver support that shows transfer of sensor data to the computer memory and rendering of the data as video on the computer screen using the software driver.

Video DMA for PCIe sub-system is used in this design. This VDMA for PCIe block provides high-performance DMA data transmission between PCIe and the local native video interface. The High performance data movement between the host memory and FPGA local memory is achieved using the PCIe link and the driver software running on the host.


  • Support DMA & SG-DMA Technique
  • Implement up to 16 frame buffers in host memory
  • Supports common MIPI CSI-2 compatible video formats (RAW8) converted to RGB and YUV422
  • Supports Card to Host, also named as Peripheral-to-Host (P2H) or Card-to-System (C2S)
Lattice mVision Solutions Stack

Block Diagram

Lattice mVision MIPI Video Sensor to PCIe Block Diagram


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Lattice mVision MIPI Video Sensor to PCIe Bridge Demonstration - User Guide
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