Lattice Radiant Design Software Video Series


The Lattice Radiant Design Software Video Series is a multi-part video series covering every aspect of FPGA design and implementation using Lattice Radiant Design Software. It is well suited for both experienced users wanting to learn all aspects of the tool or for new users wanting to get started quickly with the tool.

Chapters include:

1. Introduction and Basics

1.1 Installation and LicensingExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 1.1: Installation and Licensing

Introduction to downloading, licensing, and installing the Lattice Radiant Design Software

Length: 6:00 (Minutes)

1.2 Lattice Radiant EnvironmentExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 1.2: Project Environment

Introduction to the Radiant workspace for FPGA implementation

Length: 7:50 (Minutes)

1.3 Strategies and ImplementationsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 1.3: Project Strategies and Implementations

How to use Radiant project strategies and project implementations

Length: 13:17 (Minutes)

2. Project Creation and Management

2.1 Creating ProjectsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 2.1: Creating and Opening Projects

How to create new projects and open existing projects

Length: 8:28 (Minutes)

2.2 Managing Project FilesExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 2.2: Managing Project Files

Using the Radiant File List tab for design file management

Length: 7:15 (Minutes)

2.3 IP CatalogExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 2.3: IP Catalog

Using the IP Catalog in Radiant to download and install soft IP

Length: 8:23 (Minutes)

2.4 Implementing IPExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 2.4: Implementing IP

How to generate and configure soft IP modules and instantiate in a design

Length: 7:03 (Minutes)

2.5 Using Source TemplatesExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 2.5: Using Source Templates

Using the Source Templates provided in Radiant to create a design file

Length: 5:27 (Minutes)

3. Project Simulation

3.1 Simulation BasicsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 3.1: Simulation Basics

How to set up a simulation for Radiant projects

Length: 4:45 (Minutes)

3.2 ModelSim Environment IntroductionExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 3.2: ModelSim Environment

How to use the ModelSim Lattice Edition software included with Radiant

Length: 4:31 (Minutes)

3.3 Using Simulation WizardExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 3.3: Simulation Wizard

How to use the Simulation Wizard to simplify simulation setup

Length: 8:42 (Minutes)

4. Synthesis and Constraints

4.1 Constraint BasicsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 4.1: Constraint Basics

Introduction to timing constraints in Radiant and the Timing Constraints Editor

Length: 6:24 (Minutes)

4.2 Creating Timing ConstraintsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 4.2: Creating Timing Constraints

How to use the Timing Constraint Editor to create timing constraints for synthesis

Length: 8:34 (Minutes)

4.3 SynthesisExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 4.3: Synthesis

How to run synthesis using the process toolbar and task detail view

Length: 6:00 (Minutes)

4.4 Radiant ReportsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 4.4: Design & Timing Reports

Introduction to Radiant reports and understanding how to use them

Length: 5:38 (Minutes)

4.5 Netlist AnalyzerExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 4.5: Netlist Analyzer

Using the Netlist Analyzer to understand design results after synthesis and technology mapping

Length: 5:17 (Minutes)

5. Map and PAR

5.1 Creating Device ConstraintsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.1: Creating Design Constraints

Introduction to Radiant Design Constraints and the Design Constraints Editor

Length: 6:34 (Minutes)

5.2 Post Synthesis Timing ConstraintsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.2: Post-Synthesis Timing Constraints

How to create timing constraints after synthesis using the Timing Constraints Editor

Length: 6:43 (Minutes)

5.3 Physical DesignerExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.3: Physical Designer

Using the Radiant Physical Designer to view and modify the FPGA implementation

Length: 11:55 (Minutes)

5.4 Power CalculatorExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.4: Power Calculator

How to use the Radiant Power Calculator for static and dynamic power analysis

Length: 8:44 (Minutes)

5.5 Timing AnalyzerExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.5: Timing Analyzer

How to analyze static timing performance of a design using the Radiant Timing Analyzer

Length: 10:18 (Minutes)

5.6 Run ManagerExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.6: Run Manager

How to use the Run Manager to launch multiple implementations through the project flow

Length: 8:08 (Minutes)

5.7 ECO EditorExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 5.7: ECO Editor

Using the Radiant ECO Editor to make changes to an existing FPGA implementation

Length: 5:53 (Minutes)

6. Programming and Debugging

6.1 Programming BasicsExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 6.1: Programming Basics

Introduction to the programming flow for Radiant supported FPGAs

Length: 7:39 (Minutes)

6.2 Device ProgrammingExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 6.2: Device Programming

Using the Radiant Programmer tool to program an FPGA device

Length: 7:13 (Minutes)

6.3 Reveal InserterExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 6.3: Debug: Reveal Inserter

How to add debug cores to an FPGA implementation with Reveal Inserter

Length: 10:33 (Minutes)

6.4 Reveal Analyzer ControllerExpand Image

Radiant Video Series 6.4: Debug: Reveal Analyzer and Controller

How to control and instrument debug probe points in the design with Reveal Controller and Analyzer

Length: 7:24 (Minutes)