Lattice Propel Design Environment Video Training Series

Designing with Propel™ Builder and SDK

The Lattice Propel Design Environment Video Training Series is a multi-part video series covering every aspect of Propel development suite which includes Propel Builder and Propel SDK. It is well suited for both experienced and new users wanting to learn to develop SoC project using Propel and how to integrate the projects with Radiant and Diamond tools.

Chapters include:

1. Introduction

1.1	Training OverviewExpand Image

1.1 Training Overview

Be introduced to the structure of how the Propel training will be presented.

Length: 4:49 (Minutes)

2. Propel Builder

2.1	Getting StartedExpand Image

2.1 Getting Started

This module provides an overview of the development flow, shows project creation steps & options, and the project directory structure.

Length: 12:41 (Minutes)

2.2	IP ManagementExpand Image

2.2 IP Management

Learn about the IP Catalog and how it can be used download IPs and generate other components for use in SOC projects.

Length: 6:47 (Minutes)

2.3	Creating an SoCExpand Image

2.3 Creating an SoC

This module reviews the Propel schematic and design views and how they can be used to create SOC projects.

Length: 7:00 (Minutes)

2.4	Managing Address SpacesExpand Image

2.4 Managing Address Spaces

This module reviews the Propel Builder's address space tab and how it can be used to manage the memory spaces for SOC projects.

Length: 5:26 (Minutes)

3. Propel SDK

3.1	Getting StartedExpand Image

3.1 Getting Started

Learn the basics of Propel SDK (Embedded System Design and Develop Kit), such as workspace selection and project creation.

Length: 9:37 (Minutes)

3.2	Developing FirmwareExpand Image

3.2 Developing Firmware

Review the Propel SDK basic firmware development flow and the various ways to use memory initialization in your project.

Length: 5:29 (Minutes)

3.3	Debugging with OpenOCDExpand Image

3.3 Debugging with OpenOCD

Introduction to OpenOCD and how it can used to debug your projects, firmware or device.

Length: 6:18 (Minutes)

4. Project Development Flows

4.1	Backend Flow using Diamond or RadiantExpand Image

4.1 Backend Flow using Diamond or Radiant

This module will review the ways Propel projects are exported to Diamond or Radiant and possible next steps after export.

Length: 4:39 (Minutes)

4.2	Simulating an SoC ProjectExpand Image

4.2 Simulating an SoC Project

Review Propel Builder's verification projects and how they can be used to simplify simulation set ups for your SOC projects.

Length: 7:19 (Minutes)

4.3	Project Scripting with TCL CommandsExpand Image

4.3 Project Scripting with TCL Commands

Learn usage guidelines and tips for creating TCL scripts for use in Propel Builder, and preview examples of various TCL commands.

Length: 8:15 (Minutes)