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  • Technologies for A Driverless Future

    Technologies for a Driverless Future

    Posted 9/12/2017 by Jatinder (JP) Singh

    I took my 15-year-old to her first big concert recently - Roger Waters’ Us + Them tour. If you are wondering where am I going with the blog on automotive technologies and talking about Roger Waters, stay with me for a second. She and I both loved the concert, however, as I drove to and from the concert, I struggled with the stress of congested traffic and getting in and out of the parking lot. During those high-stress moments I imagined how wonderful it would be to have an autonomous car that would pick me up and drop me off and navigate through the mess while I could relax.

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  • Leveraging Advantages of the Mobile Market for Embedded Designs

    Leveraging Advantages of the Mobile Market for Embedded Designs

    Posted 8/29/2017 by Tom Watzka

    Not so very long ago, when embedded designers wanted to reduce costs, they would turn to high-volume PC architectures to drive down development costs. Where else could they find inexpensive components proven reliable in millions of consumer applications, and backed by an ecosystem of easy-to-use design tools and open source operating systems? Today’s embedded designers in industrial, automotive, medical and other fields are now finding that the smartphone market plays a similar role. Want...

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  • Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career

    Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career

    Posted 8/15/2017 by Alana Walker

    Lattice goes the distance to take care of its internal customers, its employees. Specifically, Lattice puts tremendous attention in the professional growth of its recent college graduates and supports their needs as they begin conquering the working world.

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  • Power Management 2.0

    Power Management 2.0

    Posted 8/1/2017 by Shyam Chandra

    In this 6 part series we are looking at the challenges of implementing an efficient power management architecture in today’s complex circuit board designs.

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  • Machine Vision: Letting My Device See Me

    Machine Vision: Letting My Device See Me

    Posted 7/18/2017 by Jatinder (JP) Singh

    The first time I read Isaac Asimov's I, Robot as a teenager, I was instantly fascinated by the humanoid robots in the stories. These machines could see, hear and interact with the surrounding world with human-like abilities. These astonishing capabilities fed my imagination. I even recall asking my dad if these machines could really “see.” Now, as an engineer, I understand the importance of machine vision and the power of "sight” for robotics.

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  • Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks at the Edge

    Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks at the Edge

    Posted 7/5/2017 by Hussein Osman

    Imagine private security systems that can differentiate between an intruder and your neighbor’s dog, smart TVs that can scan the room and automatically turn off when no one is present, and cameras that can perform forensic analysis and identify suspicious behavior before a crime occurs. The applications for deploying artificial neural networks at the edge are endless. Coming up with ideas is easy, but getting to the implementation is not that simple.

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  • A Better Mobile POS

    A Better Mobile POS with Empathy and Lattice

    Posted 6/20/2017 by Yoshihiro Nakamura, Director of Device Development at Empathy

    Portable, battery powered Point of Sale/Service (POS) devices were originally only used by delivery truck drivers. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle and an ever-increasing focus on customer satisfaction have driven the proliferation of mobile POS devices into the hands of retail workers, restaurant servers, rental car agents, and many others. These new systems allow businesses to checkout customers whenever they are ready, wherever they are. These unique use cases created a new set of...

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  • Video Quality

    Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Video Quality

    Posted 6/6/2017 by Peiju Chiang

    When it comes to viewing a video, how do you decide which quality is best? Thanks to relentless marketing, most people would probably think that 8K is the way to go. After all, when it comes to video quality, the higher the resolution the better quality, right? Actually, that is not always the case. While resolution certainly does matter, video quality is actually the combination of a number of factors. Everything from the refresh rate of the screen to the compression applied, all will affect the final quality of the video.

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  • Machine Learning

    Enabling Machine Learning at the Edge

    Posted 5/23/2017 by Juju Joyce

    What excites me about technology is its prospects for making human life better. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning hold a lot of promise to do just that, if done in a sensible way.

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  • Power Management using a Control PLD with on-chip ADC

    Power Management using a Control PLD with on-chip ADC

    Posted 5/9/2017 by Shyam Chandra

    In our 5th post, we will look at one final attempt to develop an efficient power management solution for a modern circuit board. In this model we have come full circle. The control PLD is back in charge of all power management functions.

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