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Inferencing Technology Stack Shrinks Time-to-Market for Edge Applications

Posted 06/12/2018 by Deepak Boppana

New Technology Promises to Accelerate Deployment of Machine Learning Inferencing Across Mass Market, Low-power IoT Applications

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CES 2018

CES 2018: Enter the Era of Intelligent Edge Devices

Posted 01/23/2018 by Elena Champion

Were you impressed by the products and technologies showcased at CES 2018? This year’s event promised to “WHOA” attendees with new gadgets from industry giants and startups alike. From the slightly odd to the “where have you been all of my life” devices, this year’s CES focused on infusing intelligence into as many aspects of our lives as possible.

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Functional Safety in Lattice FPGAs

Functional Safety in Lattice FPGAs

Posted 03/29/2016 by David Wang

It is hard to overstate the importance of the modern industrial production line. Virtually every product you own was crafted in whole or in part using this sort of technique. Yet from the earliest days industrialization has brought risks for the workers.

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