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CES 2018

CES 2018: Enter the Era of Intelligent Edge Devices

Posted 01/23/2018 by Elena Champion

Were you impressed by the products and technologies showcased at CES 2018? This year’s event promised to “WHOA” attendees with new gadgets from industry giants and startups alike. From the slightly odd to the “where have you been all of my life” devices, this year’s CES focused on infusing intelligence into as many aspects of our lives as possible.

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The Life of an Extraordinary Lattice Employee

The Life of an Extraordinary Lattice Employee

Posted 01/08/2018 by Ryan Short

On December 21, 1983, a young engineer with a long mullet and bell-bottoms flew to Portland, Oregon to join a start-up, Lattice Semiconductor, as employee #31. He left a steady job at Harris Corp. in Melbourne, Florida to go where he thought he could have the most significant impact. Lattice was a using an EEPROM technology that he had an idea for.

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The Evolution of Computing

The Evolution of Computing

Posted 12/19/2017 by Darin Billerbeck, President and CEO, Lattice Semiconductor

The first “computer” I ever owned was a slide rule. By today’s standards you could say my pencil served as my terminal and the slide rule was my computing agent. People laugh about it now, but my trusty slide rule served its purpose. In the business world, server-based computing was all the rage. Those early systems represented some of the first centralized computing architectures.

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