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  • Power Management through PMBus and Control PLD

    Power Management through PMBus and Control PLD

    Posted 2/14/2017 by Shyam Chandra

    Our previous post covered a hybrid architecture, where the control PLD was splitting the power management responsibilities with a dedicated power manager IC. This next option is used by some designs to replace the dedicated power manager IC with a software driven MCU.

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  • Wireless Technology - in the operating room

    NDS’s ZeroWire® Addresses Medical Industry Challenges

    Posted 1/31/2017 by Greg W. Hartman - NDS Director of Global Sales, ZeroWire

    Technology is rapidly changing the environment and practice in the medical industry, including the surgical theatre commonly known as the Operating Room (OR). ORs are transitioning from a traditional model, where radiology imaging equipment resides in a separate room of the hospital, to a new Hybrid or Integrated OR model, where advanced diagnostic imaging equipment becomes an integral part of the surgical suite.

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  • CES - 2017 trends

    CES 2017 Trends

    Posted 1/17/2017 by Elena Champion

    Celebrating its 50th birthday, CES 2017 did not disappoint. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Las Vegas to get a first look at the latest technology for the upcoming year. During the 4 days, the biggest names in consumer electronics and startups alike wowed us with products and technologies that promise to make our lives easier and more efficient. Here are some of the trends we saw at the event and how we can support them.

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  • 2017 New Year's Resolution

    A New Year’s Resolution: Better Data for All

    Posted 12/28/2016 by Neil Bullock

    There is a long tradition, across many cultures, of making New Year’s resolutions: Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. Each New Year offers the opportunity to try something new, or to make efforts to do something better than before.

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  • Distributed-Heterogeneous-Processing

    Distributed Heterogeneous Processing Opens New Applications for FPGAs

    Posted 12/20/2016 by Abdullah Raouf

    Increasingly lower cost sensors, the migration to higher performance I/O interfaces, and the demand for “always-on, always-aware” functionality all present new challenges for designers of battery-powered mobile devices. Engineers building everything from phones and drones to wearables and industrial equipment are facing the same problem. 

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  • Rise of Mobile FPGAs in Maker Communities

    Rise of Mobile FPGAs in Maker Communities

    Posted 11/29/2016 by Abdullah Raouf

    Many of today’s most extraordinary inventions have been developed by independent makers, inventors, designers and tinkerers, who used collaborative tools and knowledge to create exciting, new products.

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  • Innovation—Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

    Innovation—Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

    Posted 11/22/2016 by Farzaneh Zaeni

    Over my 28 year career in tech, I have learned that it takes much more than just an engineering degree to change the world. The people who succeed and advance in my field are innovators, who always find creative ways to solve problems and achieve their goals.

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  • Power Management Using a Power Manager IC and Control PLD

    Power Management Using a Power Manager IC and Control PLD

    Posted 11/8/2016 by Shyam Chandra

    In our last post, we looked at an architecture where the control PLD controlled all of the power management functionality and identified any weaknesses around congestion and crosstalk. Today, we will review a hybrid architecture that attempts to solve the congestion/crosstalk problems by ...

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  • In Defense of Automotive Incremental Change

    In Defense of Automotive Incremental Change

    Posted 10/26/2016 by David Wang

    Amara’s law states that "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” This law seems particularly apt in the automotive space. In part, it’s a problem of marketing.

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  • Voice Activated Gatekeepers

    Voice Activated Gatekeepers

    Posted 10/12/2016 by Weston Xu, Marketing Manager at MEMSensing Microsystems Co. Ltd

    For many consumers, smart speakers are the gateway device to smart home management. Using these elegant devices, users can control their music, quickly order staple items online, and get answers to burning questions through the power of the Internet.

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