Lattice Diamond Programmer and Deployment Tool

Device Programming Software

Lattice Diamond Programmer allows device programming for all JTAG based Lattice devices (including devices in ispLEVER Classic, PAC-Designer, and iCEcube2). Diamond Programmer is fully integrated into Diamond and is also available as a standalone application. Diamond Programmer tool simplifies the most common steps:

  • Setting up device information (cable, port etc)
  • Selecting the programming data file to use
  • Single project supports programming single or multiple devices

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Programming Made Easy

Lattice Diamond Programmer offers an easy to use solution for programming all Lattice JTAG-based devices. In addition to FPGAs supported in Lattice Diamond, devices from ispLEVER Classic, PAC-Designers, and iCEcube2 are supported by Programmer when used in standalone mode.

Wizard-Based GUI for Easy Deployment

Deployment Tool is included as part of Programmer. Deployment Tool offers a wizard-based GUI for deploying programming tools for many different functions. These include file conversion, deploying to testers, using for embedded programming, and deploying to external memory.

Debugging Programming Files

Download Debugger is a tool for debugging SVF and STAPL files. This functionality is included with Lattice Diamond and the standalone Programmer tools.

Software Downloads & Documentation

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