MachXO2 Control Development Kit

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The MachXO2 Control Development Kit provides a full featured development platform to prototype system control designs using MachXO2 FPGAs. The kit features the MachXO2-4000HC device, a Power Manager II ispPAC-POWR1014A, 4Mbit SPI Flash and a microSD card socket.

Using the preloaded Control System-on-Chip (SoC) design you can test within minutes board control functions such as power supply sequencing, reset distribution, power supply monitoring and data logging using the Power Manager II POWR1014A and 8-bit LatticeMico8™ microcontroller. Other downloadable demonstration examples for the MachXO2 Control Development Kit include a Display Interface design. You can then build your own designs using the free downloadable reference design source code, implementing these features in less than an hour. Additional MachXO2 Reference Designs are available to help you build your own custom desgns.

The board features USB channels for JTAG programming and debugging from a host PC. A 16x2 header provides access to a variety of I/O banks of the MachXO2 device and the on-board SPI and I2C buses. The board can be controlled with a menu driven interface via terminal programs running on a host PC.

A previous version of the MachXO2 Control Development Kit featuring the MachXO2-1200HC is no longer available, and has been replaced by the MachXO2-4000HC version described on this page.


  • MachXO2 PLD: LCMXO2-4000HC-MG132C
  • Power Manager II ispPAC-POWR1014A
  • 4Mbit SPI Flash
  • Current and voltage sensor circuits
  • microSD memory card socket
  • Audio output channel
  • Expansion header for JTAG, SPI, I2C and PLD I/Os
  • LEDs & switches

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Kit Contents

  • AC Adaper (5V DC output with International plugs)
  • USB Mini Cable
  • QuickStart Guide

Board Photos

Top View

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Side View

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Bottom View

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Ordering Information

  • This board is no longer available for purchase.
  • Information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.
  • Reference number: LCMXO2-4000HC-C-EVN
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


Quick Reference
Technical Resources
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MachXO2 Programming Via WISHBONE Interface User's Guide
UG57 1.0 5/1/2012 PDF 1.3 MB
MachXO2-4000HC Control Development Kit User's Guide
Includes Schematics
EB78 1.2 3/8/2015 PDF 2.5 MB
MachXO2-1200HC Control Development Kit QuickSTART Guide
QS012 4/15/2011 PDF 1.3 MB
Programming Cable User Guide
Describes the features and recommended usage guidelines of Lattice ispDOWNLOAD Cables.
FPGA-UG-02042 26.4 5/29/2020 PDF 1.4 MB
MachXO2-4000HC Control Development Kit QuickStart Guide
QS017 1.0 10/8/2012 PDF 2.1 MB
MachXO2-1200HC Control Development Kit User's Guide
Includes schematics
EB60 1.6 3/20/2015 PDF 2.6 MB
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MachXO2-1200HC Control Development Kit Demo Source
01.0 4/15/2011 ZIP 1.8 MB
Select All
MachXO2-4000HC Control Development Kit Default Program
Default JEDEC programming file for the MachXO2-4000HC device on the MachXO2-4000HC Development Kit.
10/8/2012 JED 829.9 KB
MachXO2 Programming Via WISHBONE Interface
Demonstrates the feasibility of self-reconfiguration: A user design operating in the programmable fabric altering and enabling the contents of Configuration Flash Memory via the EFB WISHBONE interface.
1.0 5/1/2012 ZIP 702.4 KB
MachXO2-4000HC Control Development Kit Schematics
Schematic source files for the Rev G PCB in OrCAD .dsn format. This corresponds with the MachXO2-4000HC version of the board.
10/8/2012 ZIP 193.4 KB

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