HOC : Embedded HMI-on-Chip Solution

Embedded HMI on Chip (HOC) is a compact HMI solution for rapid creation and implementation of embedded graphical human-machine interfaces (HMIs) on Lattice FPGA’s. The HMI on Chip solution has been developed by Mikroprojekt on the LatticeECP3™ HMI Development Kit.

The solution offers the complete functionality required for display driving, graphics rendering and embedded visualization, scalable from small size QVGA to large full HD displays, as well as a wide variety of touch screen and system interfaces.

The advantage of HOC solution is the concept of HMI-on-chip: TFT display driving, graphics rendering, touch screen handling and system interfacing are handled directly in the FPGA hardware, without the requirement of an operating system and associated design complexity required by the typical graphical solutions.

The built-in graphical engine (IQ-Engine) interprets an integrated interface project file to visualize and modify a set of values shared with the host application, allowing easy integration of the user interface. Using an FPGA brings an absolute flexibility of the solution to the user, supporting the widest possible range of displays, memories or system interfaces.

The HOC solution can be evaluated on the LatticeECP3™ HMI Development Kit. The LatticeECP3™ HMI Development Kit couples the LatticeECP3 Versa Development kit with an add-on HMI display kit. The HMI display kit is based on a 4.3’’ TFT touch screen display mezzanine module for the LatticeECP3 Versa Kit. The add-on display mezzanine module also provides an SD card slot allowing for easy deployment and evaluation of graphical user interfaces.


  • FPGA-based embedded HMI solution
  • No operating system required
  • HMI-on-chip: fully integrated design
  • Memory and display control; Graphics accelerator
  • Alpha blending and transparency
  • Various HMI graphics objects
    • Buttons
    • Sliders
    • Bar-graphs
    • Data fields
    • Menus and popups
  • Easy interface deployment - single integrated file
  • No-coding, fully graphical interface design process, WYSIWYG
  • Small FPGA footprint for compact implementation
  • Easy system integration with memory-mapped data exchange
  • Fully configurable external interfaces
  • Simple evaluation with the LatticeECP3 HMI Development Kit

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Kit Contents

  • Lattice ECP3 HMI Development Kit consisting of LatticeECP3 Versa Kit with mounted HMI Display Kit.
  • 12V power supply
  • SD card preloaded with demo project and HOC Editor evaluation version
  • Quick start guide
  • Evaluation netlist and design available

Board Photos

Side View

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Block Diagram

HMI Block Diagram

Ordering Information

  • Reference Number: LFE3-35EA-HMI-DKN
  • This board is no longer available for purchase.
  • Information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.

Note: Mikroprojekt’s HOC IP license is required for the development of HMI solutions.


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