iCEdragon Evaluation Kit

The iCEdragon Evaluation Kit is designed for use with the SnapDragon platform, which is available separately from Bsquare. This system can be used to develop hardware solutions based on the Android OS. The iCEdragon Evaluation Kit features an iCE40-HX8K FPGA, along with various interfaces that can be used to implement solutions such as an IR to I2C bridge. The board also provides access to general-purpose I/O, and includes various switches, buttons and LEDs.

The free iCEcube2development tool is used for design and programming of the iCE40 FPGA. iCEcube2 can be downloaded from the Lattice website.


  • High-performance, iCE40-HX8K FPGA in 256-ball caBGA package
  • IR sensor
  • Two IR emitters
  • 27.0 MHz clock source
  • 8Mbit SPI serial configuration PROM
  • Six LED indicators
  • Power switch and two pushbutton input switches

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Kit Contents

Included in the Kit

  • iCEdragon Demo Board
  • USB Mini Cable for power

Required for most uses and available separately

  • HW-USBN-2A for programming
  • SnapDragon development system

Board Photos

Top View

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Bottom View

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Side View

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Ordering Information

  • This board is no longer available for purchase.
  • Information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.
  • Reference number: ICE40HX8K-DRAGON-EVN
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


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