Secure Connected Motion Control Platform

Offer Resilient Connectivity, Low Power, High Performance & Robust Security

The demand for motor control solutions that offer resilient connectivity, low power consumption, high performance, and robust security is increasing across various industries. To meet these needs, Arrow Electronics has developed the Secure Connected Motion Control Platform with a closed-loop control system. The platform integrates Analog Devices’ connectivity, power, and security solutions with Lattice Semiconductor’s low-power FPGA solutions.

The Secure Connection Motion Control Platform leverages Lattice Semiconductor’s CertusPro-NX FPGA for closed-loop motor control. Analog Devices’ Industrial Ethernet connectivity ICs complement this by enabling seamless system interconnection and centralized network control. A secure foundation is established through the combination of Lattice’s MachXO3D hardware root-of-trust IC and ADI’s MAXQ1065 ultra-low-power cryptographic controller. This platform ensures efficient, precise, and secure motor control for a wide variety of motors, from servos to BLDC and stepper motors.

Industrial Connectivity - Gigabit Ethernet and 10BASE-T1L connectivity offer a reliable way to connect at high-speeds over long distances in industrial settings and support for MII/RMII MAC interfaces offers flexibility for integration into existing networks.

Robust Security - Root of Trust (ROT) establishes a secure foundation, allowing only authorized firmware execution and secure boot verifies firmware integrity cryptographically, mitigating cyberattacks effectively.

Optimized Power Efficiency - Closed-loop control with encoder minimizes energy consumption while ensuring precise positioning.

Enhanced Flexibility - Programmable architecture facilitates customization of motor control algorithms.

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  • CertusPro-NX FPGA (LFCPNX-100-9LFG672I) and MachXO3D FPGA (LCMXO3D-9400HC-6SG72I)
  • Implement connectivity platform with SFP+ 10GbE port, LPDDR4 and PCIe Gen3
  • Supports Ultra low-power cryptographic controller with ChipDNATM for embedded devices
  • Supports low-power, single-port, 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet transceiver with low latency specifications
  • Supports a low-power, single port, 10BASE-T1L transceiver designed for industrial Ethernet applications

Check out the GHRD/GSRD Demonstration for developing a wide variety of end-user applications using the Lattice CertusPro™-NX FPGA.

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