Lattice Sentry Root of Trust Reference Design for MachXO3D

Platform Firmware Resiliency Demo Reference Design for Lattice Sentry Solutions Stack

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Protect – Using the included MachXO3D PFR configuration bitstream, developers can demonstrate and test the ability to authenticate the boot firmware of protected ICs before they boot. Developers can modify this configuration bitstream or load their own bitstreams as desired.

Detect – The platform also demonstrates the ability to detect and block illegal SPI and SPI flash operations. This can be controlled and monitored using a dedicated user interface on a PC workstation.

Recover – The demonstration can automatically replace damaged boot images of the MachXO3D and also protected external devices with known good versions.


  • Implements Lattice Sentry Solutions Stack
  • Integrates Lattice Sentry Solutions Stack IP
  • Includes full C source code for fast and easy customization
  • Lattice Diamond® programming support
Lattice Sentry

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Block Diagrams

Lattice Sentry Solutions Stack Platform Root of Trust, using MachXO3D FPGA.png


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Lattice Sentry Root of Trust Reference Design for MachXO3D - User's Guide
FPGA-RD-02203 1.0 8/12/2020 PDF 2.2 MB

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