LVDS Tunneling Protocol and Interface Reference Design

Multiple Solution Compliant with DC-SCM and Aggregate Multiple Data Channel

The DC-SCM 2.0 LTPI Reference Design provides multiple solution templates that use the current LVDS Tunneling Protocol Interface (LTPI) IP. The IP is compliant with Datacenter-ready Secure Control Module (DC-SCM) 2.0 LTPI specifications with a standardized Datacenter-ready Secure Control Interface (DC-SCI). This IP aggregates multiple data channels such as I2C, GPIO, and UART to add more flexibility to a customer’s system and board design.

One of the significant changes in the DC-SCM 2.0 specification is the introduction of Low-voltage differential signaling Tunneling Protocol & Interface (LTPI). The LTPI addresses shortcomings of the Serial GPIO interface used in DC-SCM 1.0.

Support I2C Interface – For I2C Interface, each can be configured as Controller or Target. It can also support multi-slave on the controller side.


  • Compliant with DC-SCM Protocol Specifications 2.0 (LTPI version 1.4.3)
  • Supports Link initialization, discovery, and negotiation
  • Supports Multi-channel Serial Interface and LVDS
  • Supports up to five channels aggregation/disaggregation in total
  • Supports AMBA 3 APB Protocol version 1.0 for register access of the soft IP and data channel

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Block Diagram

Resource Utilization

Design Module LUT4 PFU Registers EBR
Diamond Demo SCM 2535 2527 6
HPM 2369 2210 6
Lattice Radiant Demo SCM 2991 2386 3
HPM 3251 2319 3


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LVDS Tunneling Protocol and Interface Reference Design - Source Code
7/5/2023 ZIP 324.8 MB
LVDS Tunneling Protocol and Interface Reference Design - User Guide
FPGA-RD-02247 1.2 6/28/2023 PDF 3.4 MB

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