Lattice and NVIDIA Edge AI Solution

Open Source, Scalable, Low Latency and High Performance

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Lattice Semiconductor, in collaboration with NVIDIA developed an Edge AI solution that enables developers to rapidly design connectivity bridging applications from sensor to compute. The design simplifies and accelerates deployment of intelligent edge systems that require diverse sensor input interfaces and protocols. The Sensor Bridge Reference design is implemented on the CertusPro-NX Sensor to Ethernet Bridge Board that supports low latency, flexible sensor configuration and interfacing, and an Ethernet Packetizer. The design couples seamlessly with Nvidia Holoscan Sensor Bridge, offering easily programmable system control, ready to use configurable FPGA IP, and a full stack solution for data acquisition and processing leveraging NVIDIA Holoscan on NVIDIA IGX Orin and Orin AGX. Also included is a standard API with support for streaming DMA, control interfaces, transport abstraction layer, ConnectX Smart NIC acceleration with GPUDirect RDMA, Linux sockets, and the ability to integrate various sensors and drivers.

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  • Full stack solution ensures data provided at FPGA sensor interface port arrives in DRAM
  • Support Sensor Interfaces such as AXI stream port and APB control bus
  • Support up to 2x 10G Ethernet channels
  • Ready to use open-source software
  • Low-latency, high throughput and scalable sensor streaming enabled by NVIDIA Holoscan
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CertusPro-NX Sensor to Ethernet Bridge Board and Reference Design Overview
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CertusPro-NX Sensor to Ethernet Bridge Board and Reference Design Overview

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