RGB LED Reference Design

A low cost solution to add a fully controlled RGB LED to any design

Complete control of RGB LEDs – control the color, blink rate, brightness and breathing (turn on/turn off speed). Using an SPI interface and software GUI, users can control all four RGB LED control functions from a MAC or Windows PC via a USB cable.

Low-cost, rapid customization – Offers a low-cost route to adding a fully controlled LED into any type of design, the Lattice RGB reference design allows rapid customization of LED operation for a given application.

Hardware evaluation board options – The RGB LED reference design can be evaluated and tested on the iCE40LP1K Evaluation Kit, the iCE40 Ultra Breakout Board, or the iCE40 UltraLite Breakout Board.

iCE40 LP LED Demonstration Interface

The RGB GUI can be run on the iCE40 Ultra Breakout Board, iCE40 UltraLite Breakout Board, or the iCE40LP1K Evaluation Kit.


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Technical Resources
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APQ8074 Dragonboard Boot Image for UG73 to UG76
1.0 7/15/2014 ZIP 330.8 MB
iCE40 Ultra RGB LED Controller Design Files
1.0 7/15/2014 ZIP 9.2 MB
iCE40 Ultra RGB LED Controller User Guide
UG75 1.0 7/15/2014 PDF 2.9 MB
iCE40 UltraPlus RGB LED Controller Design Files
1.0 4/13/2017 ZIP 2.2 MB

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