NIST P-256/P-384 ECDH+ECDSA, Compact (XIP41x3C)

XIP41x3C – Compact ECC IP Cores supporting ECDH and ECDSA on NIST P-256/P-384

NIST P-256/P-384 ECDH+ECDSA from Xiphera are a family of compact Intellectual Property (IP) cores implementing Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) on NIST prime curves. ECDH and ECDSA on NIST prime curves are widely used in various cryptographic protocols and systems. The IP core family currently includes two IP cores:

  • XIP4123C for ECDH and ECDSA on the NIST P-256 elliptic curve and
  • XIP4133C for ECDH and ECDSA on the NIST P-384 elliptic curve.

These two curves are the most commonly used NIST curves today.

Secure Architecture: The execution time of the IP cores is independent of the secret values and, consequently, provides full protection against timing-based side-channel attacks. Additionally, the pattern of operations during computations is independent of the secrets. The IP cores have two interfaces which can be used for separating access to security-critical values.

Standard Compliance: The IP cores are compliant with FIPS 186-4 and SP 800-56A. The IP cores can be used as a part of numerous public-key systems and protocols including IKEv2 [4, 6, 3] and TLS 1.3 (RFC 8446).

Easy Integration: The 16-bit interface of the IP cores supports easy integration to various systems.

Minimal Resource Requirements: The IP cores require for example 4559 4LUTs in Lattice CertusPro-NX® and use only 1-2 multipliers/DSP blocks and 1-3 internal memory block in a typical Lattice FPGA implementation.

Block Diagram

Internal high-level block diagram of the compact NIST Curve IP cores

Ordering Information

Please contact for pricing and your preferred delivery method. The IP core can be shipped in a number of formats, including netlist, source code, or encrypted source code. Additionally, a comprehensive VHDL testbench and a detailed datasheet are included.

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