Watchdog Timer IP Core

The Watchdog Timer IP Core is designed for use as an indicator that a corrective action is needed in response to a computer or a processor malfunction. The design features a two-stage timer which supports non-maskable interrupt and a hard reset.


  • Seamlessly work with sleep mode
  • Programmable timer spec 50-500 ms (10 ms)
  • Two-stage timer that supports warm boot and cold boot resets
  • You can specify in cycles or time
  • Supports trigger input, reset and NMI output

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Block Diagram

Watchdog Timer IP Core Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Resource Utilization
Configuration Clk Fmax (MHz) Slice Registers LUTs EBRs
Default 175.840MHz 52 116 0
Timer Stage 1 Timeout = 1050, Others = Default 200MHz 52 117 0
Mode Time, Clock Frequency = 150, Others = Default 189.107 52 128 0
Mode Time, Timer Stage 2 Timeout = 100, Others = Default 160.154MHz 2 126 0

Ordering Information

The Watchdog Timer IP Core is available for free to use in Lattice Radiant design software.


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Watchdog Timer IP Core - Lattice Radiant Software
FPGA-IPUG-02097 1.5 11/15/2022 PDF 574.4 KB

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