Multi-Rate Serial Digital Interface PHY Layer

IP ExpressAs the proliferation of HDTV, IPTV and VoD streaming continues, together with the increased functionality and decreasing costs of FPGAs, it is inevitable that these two technologies will converge in the solution space. A key requirement is the ability to transmit, receive, edit, and process uncompressed video. The transceiver portion of this requirement is standardized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) through the Serial Digital Interface (SDI) family of standards. These standards define the physical interface and related circuitry needed to transport uncompressed digital video over 75-ohm coax cable.

SDI is the most popular raw video link standard used in television broadcast studios and video production facilities. FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) with SDI interface capability can be used for acquisition, mixing, storage, editing, processing, and format conversion applications. Many applications use FPGAs to acquire SDI data from one or more standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) sources, perform simple processing and re-transmit the video data in SDI format. Such applications require an SDI PHY (physical layer) interface and some basic processing like a color space converter and frame buffer. FPGA devices can also be used as a bridge between SDI video sources and backplane protocols such as PCI Express or ethernet.

In an FPGA-based SDI solution, the physical interface portion is often the most challenging part of the solution. The Lattice Multi-Rate SDI PHY Layer IP core is a complete SDI PHY interface that connects to the high-speed SDI serial data on one side and formatted parallel data on the other side. It supports SMPTE standards 125M, 259M, 260M, 267M, 274M, 292M, 295M, and 296M and comprises high-speed serial I/Os (serializer/de-serializer or SerDes), SDI encoder, decoder, word alignment logic, CRC detection and checking logic, and rate detection logic. It is optimized to work with the LatticeECP2M/S embedded Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) and SerDes, enabling a complete, single-chip solution ideally suited for a wide set of applications requiring high-performance, high-integration, and low-cost.

Evaluation Board

The Multi-Rate SDI PHY Layer IP core may be evaluated using the LatticeECP2M SMPTE SDI Evaluation Board.


  • Support for dynamic multi-rate SD-SDI/HD-SDI interfaces (SMPTE 259M [1] and 292M [2])
  • Support for automatic Rx (receive) rate detection and dynamic Tx (transmit) rate selection
  • Built-in SerDes programming for multi-rate support
  • Support for multiple SD source formats: SMPTE 125M and sMPTE 267M (13.5 MHz only)
  • Support for multiple HD source formats: SMPTE 260M [5], SMPTE 274M [6], SMPTE 295M [7], and SMPTE 296M [8])
  • Word alignment and timing reference sequence (TRS) detection
  • Field vertical blanking (vblank) and horizontal blanking (hblank) identification
  • CRC computation, error checking, and insertion for HD
  • Line number (LN) decoding and encoding for HD

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Block Diagram

Multi-rate SDI IP Core Multi-rate SDI Protocol Stack

Performance and Size

Results for LatticeECP2M1
IPexpress User-Configurable
SLICEs LUTs Registers Tx
fMAX (MHz)
fMAX (MHz)
Rx/Tx 497 987 646 202 152
Tx only 122 224 229 227 n/a
Rx only 439 867 506 n/a 148

1 Performance and utilization characteristics are generated using LFE2M-35E-6F672C with Lattice's ispLEVER 7.1 software. When using this IP core in a different density, package, speed, or grade within the LatticeECP2M family, performance and utilization may vary. The Multi-Rate SDI PHY Layer IP core is an IPexpress user-configurable core and can be used to generate any allowable configuration.

Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: MR-SDI-PHY-PM-U1
  • To find out how to evaluate or purchase the Multi-Rate SDI PHY Layer IP core, please contact your local Lattice Sales Office.


Quick Reference
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Multi-Rate Serial Digital Interface (SDI) PHY IP Core User's Guide
IPUG70 01.2 1/17/2012 PDF 1.2 MB
Lattice SMPTE SDI Demo User's Guide
Explains how to use the SMPTE SDI Demo - available for download separately, along with the LatticeECP2M SMPTE SDI Evaluation Board and the Multi-Rate Serial Digital Interface (SDI) PHY Layer IP core.
UG02 01.1 7/11/2008 PDF 1.4 MB
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Lattice SMPTE SDI Demo Code
This contains all the design files and standard, configured IP block for use with the LatticeECP2M SMPTE SDI Evaluation Board and the Multi-Rate Serial Digital Interface (SDI) PHY Layer IP core. See the User's Guide (available for download separately)
1.1 7/11/2008 ZIP 777.1 KB

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