DPC Defective Pixel Correction

Correction of defective pixels - AXI4 Stream interface - Configurable via AXI4 Lite - fully RTL

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Easily integrate DPC Defective into your design - DPC Defective is easy to integrate into any project because it is completely RTL and therefore without the use of specific primitives.

Real-time correction of defective pixels - DPC Defective detects and corrects defective pixels in an Axi-Stream input video stream that may be caused by factory defects or operating errors.

Configurable - Registers such as image size, Bayer pattern, IP pass-through option and more can be configured via AXI4-Lite.


  • Perfectly integrable, fully RTL. Part of the ISPido suite
  • Support resolution up 4K
  • Configurable through AXI4-Lite commands
  • RAW Bayer input video format (8/10/12 bit per pixel)
  • Video input and output are according to Axi4-Stream protocol

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