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Where can I find the driver for Lattice USB programming cable in Lattice Diamond ?

Assuming default installation directory for Lattice Diamond , the driver for Lattice USB programming cable can be found at:

C:\lscc\diamond\3.x\data\vmdata\drivers\lscusbdriver\x86 (for Intel machine)

The changes in files and directory structure reflect the change to Diamond Programmer as the integrated programming tool.

To install the driver, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in your Lattice USB Cable. 

  2. Click on Start --> Settings -> Control Panel -> Systems -Hardware -> Device Manager.  You will see a yellow flag with an exclamation mark indicating missing driver a USB device.  You may see this Device listed as an Unknown Device with a similar yellow flag.

  3. Right click on the Device with the yellow flag and select Update Driver.

  4. On the pop up Hardware Update Wizard select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced). Click Next.

  5. Select Search for the best driver in these locations.  check the box next to Include this location in the search.

  6. Browse to the directory containing the driver then click OK.

For detail information about USB driver installation, you can refer to Appendix A:Troubleshooting the USB Driver Installation in Programming Cables User guide document.


Or to download the document -Go to -> mouse over "Products" -> under "Software Tool" -> click "Programmer" -> scroll down to "Software Downloads & Documentation" -> under "Quick Reference -> click "User Manual" -> download "Programming Cable User's Guide".