Raspberry Pi FPGA add on board from Bugblat

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Extended capabilities - Leverage MachXO2-7000 or XO2-1200 to extend Raspberry Pi capabilities via the P1 26 pin GPIO connector.

In-system programmability - Python programming software allows the processor to program the MachXO2 directly.

Accelerate your project - Software design example included that controls the logic in the MachXO2 from a web browser.


  • A complete FPGA development target - FPGA programming hardware is not needed
  • Plenty of on-chip 4-input LUTs - the pif-1200 has 1280, the pif-7000 has 6864
  • Plenty of on-chip 9-Kbit SRAM blocks - the pif-1200 has 7, the pif-7000 has 26
  • The FPGA is non-volatile, with on-chip flash memory for storing the configuration bit stream
  • Up to 256Kbits user flash memory
  • Hard coded I2C, SPI, PLL, and timer/counter blocks
  • Powered from the Raspberry Pi expansion connector (P1)
  • 47 pins of expansion connectors
    • One 26-pin (2x13-pin) connector matches the Raspberry Pi's P1 connector
    • One 13-pin connector
    • One 8-pin connector
  • Red and Green LEDs
  • Support software supplied (in Python) for injecting a new configuration into the FPGA
  • Example projects supplied, including a project that controls logic inside the FPGA from a web browser

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Kit Contents

  • Pif hardware board
  • pif-1200, uses MachXO2-1200 & includes software $24.99
  • pif-7000, uses MachXO2-7000 & includes software $34.99

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Ordering Information

The board can be purchased directly from Bugblat.


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